Behind the Gifted News: Minority Representation in Gifted Education

I have introduced into this Blog a new series of shorter articles prompted by recent news articles  about G&T education.

The first, about the ‘One Voice’ initiative to create an umbrella group for G&T interests in England, was prompted by a recent article in the Times Educational Supplement and can be found here.

The second article is on ethnic minority representation in gifted populations, prompted by a recent speech by the US Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. You can find it here.



October 2010

Navigating this Blog and a Reprise for New Readers

Welcome, dear readers to this the second incarnation of the Gifted Phoenix Blog.

I have moved, lock, stock and barrel from because the service seemed to be becoming increasingly unreliable.

I hope you like my new theme and layout: I’ve tried to ensure that reading my (unapologetically long and sometimes demanding) posts is as straightforward as possible.

I thought it would be helpful to new readers to say a little about the pages and posts I have published over the past four months, to help them to understand the broad purpose of this Blog and, if they wish, to more easily locate pieces that they would like to read and comment on.


I have written several items about worldwide and trans-continental gifted and talented education organisations.  These pages were formerly accessible from the index on the header of the Blog but the links seem to not to show up in this theme.

So I have decided to use those pages as repositories for annotated lists of hyperlinks, so that readers who wish to can navigate easily to the home sites of key international, national and state G&T organisations. I will start compiling these lists in the next few days and will do my best to keep them up-to-date, as I know from experience just how frustrating broken links can be!

You may also notice a new page in this set called ‘Behind the Gifted News’ which I intend to use for short topical posts stimulated by  news items on G&T education around the world. The first item is about the ‘One Voice’ initiative in England, which featured in the Times Educational Supplement of 1 October 2010.

The easiest way to access the material on the other pages is via the contents section at the bottom of the left-hand column. Or you can use the hyperlinks below.

To date, I have published pieces on:


The blogposts themselves can be reached through the tag cloud or the archive,the latter sorted by month of publication, both of which can be found in the right-hand column.

The pieces I have posted to date are listed below in order of publication:

  • The economics of gifted education, bemoaning the dearth of studies in this field – and why they could be vital to the survival of gifted education in a time of recession.

Sixteen posts altogether –  which I hope have made some small contribution to our global understanding of what constitutes effective policy in gifted and talented education.

Blogroll, Google and Twitter

I have included a blogroll in the right-hand column. I would like to link to all live blogs on gifted education, not just those in English, so if you have a recommendation for a blog to include, please don’t hesitate to let me know in a comment.

You will also find in the right-hand column a feed to a Google Alert on ‘Gifted Education’ so you can see what stories are currently live on this issue.

And I have included the Gifted Phoenix Twitter feed in the left-hand column, so you can keep in touch with my attempts at 140-character social networking on gifted education and related subjects!


I’ve really enjoyed the privilege of sharing my ideas with you over these past four months and I hope that I can continue to stimulate your thinking in the months and years ahead.

I would really welcome more comments on these posts, whether you agree or disagree with them. A monologue has some value but dialogue typically results in a better learning experience – on both sides!

And do please contact me if you have suggestions for how I can improve the quality and content of this blog, so that it better meets your needs.


October 2010