News Analysis


A series of shorter posts prompted by media coverage of gifted and talented education issues.


October 2010

Establishing ‘One Voice’ in England

Ethnic minority representation in gifted populations


November 2010

Vietnam’s High Schools for the Gifted

The World Council Moves to Kentucky, USA


December 2010

India’s JNV Schools for Gifted Students


January 2011

On the Malaysian First Lady and her Support for Gifted Education


February 2011

Will Daanish Schools Lift Gifted Young Panjabis Out of Poverty?


March 2011

Will England Copy Singapore’s Integrated Programme (IP)?


September 2011

Do High Flyers Maintain Their Altitude?


November 2011

The Introduction in England of Selective 16-19 Maths Free Schools


2 thoughts on “News Analysis

  1. I’m not feeling all warm and fuzzy about this new coalition thing. One Voice is a good idea. Perhaps even better … the gt community speaking with one voice globally. 😉

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Lisa, One Voice is a great idea that will support practitioners in their quest for information and strategies that support Gifted learners; the fact that it also links to an international dimension is invaluable when other information sources are less than clear.

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