Specialist maths schools, again


This post investigates the Government’s latest efforts to establish a national network of university-sponsored specialist mathematics free schools for 16-19 year-olds. It:

  • Recapitulates the difficult history of this policy since it was first announced in 2011
  • Reviews in more detail developments in the nine months since my last post on this topic
  • Analyses the guidance document for new applicants, published with a companion press release in March 2018 and
  • Considers the prospects for success this time round.

I have been tracking the evolution and development of Government policy on specialist maths schools and reporting on a regular basis.

Previous posts in this series include:

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One thought on “Specialist maths schools, again

  1. Hi, I enjoyed your 2012 post on the gifted education landscape in Israel. Do you have a more recent paper on this? I would be most interested to read it. Thanks!

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