The resurrection of specialist maths schools?



This extended post investigates resurgent interest in specialist maths schools, as displayed by the Tories under Theresa May. It:

  • Discusses developments during the first half of 2017, foregrounding the May Government’s draft industrial strategy, its spring budget and the Tories’ 2017 election manifesto.
  • Reviews the difficult history of 16-19 specialist maths free schools, beginning with their inclusion in the Chancellor’s 2011 autumn statement and concluding with initial signs of resurgence when May replaced Cameron as prime minister.
  • Assesses the performance of the two university-sponsored schools so far established.
  • Considers future prospects, given a hung parliament, identifying potential obstacles to full implementation and areas of likely compromise between now and 2022.
  • Highlights several factors that limit the overall effectiveness of the default model, as exemplified by the two schools already open.


Pre-election commitments, January to May 2017

Pre-announcing a draft industrial strategy

Early in 2017, the Prime Minister’s…

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