Asia-Pacific Federation of the World Council

The World Council for Gifted and Talented Children has an affiliated Asia-Pacific Federation which was founded in 1989.

There is evidence that the APF formerly maintained a website incorporating a digital resource centre and online newsletters, but the website itself is no longer maintained and I can find no replacement. Nor is it clear from the resources online what the current level of membership is, or who is the current President.

Federation members organise a biennial conference. The 11th Conference takes place in Sydney, Australia in July/August 2010.  In 2008 the location was Singapore. Earlier conferences were in Taiwan (2006), South Korea (2004), Thailand (2002) and Beijing (2000).

The 2014 conference will be in Hong Kong, but I cannot detect the location of the 2012 conference.

The online evidence suggests that the Asia-Pacific Federation is relatively dormant apart from its conferences, having seen better days. But members may wish to correct this impression.

4 thoughts on “Asia-Pacific Federation of the World Council

  1. Also, having checked the spelling, I can now advise that Professor Jiannong Shi is current president.

  2. Thanks Tracy. Please fee free to carry links to this Blog if you wish.

    If the website managers were to include RSS feeds, especially for the Regional News section, it would help you to share information about activity in the member countries.

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