Rounding-up: Killer stats and 10-point plan



This post compiles some of the most recent and telling statistics about the state of high attainment in England.

It includes a brief summary of the policy position as it stands ahead of the government’s response to the selection green paper.

Finally it outlines a ten point improvement plan which does not involve building new grammar schools or otherwise increasing the number of selective places.


Statistical analysis

The sections below deal respectively with: outcomes of the latest international comparisons studies; the most recent KS2, KS4 and KS5 performance data; the state of play on KS5 destinations and  HE fair access; and recent evidence of the quality of provision in schools.

Much of this data quantifies conspicuous excellence gaps, between the achievement of disadvantaged high attainers and their peers.


International comparisons studies

My last educational posts, published in the first half of December 2016, were devoted to analysis…

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