Organisations Supporting Pan-Asian Gifted Education 

The Arab Council for Gifted and Talented (ACGT) includes several North African countries amongst its members. My brief note on the organisation is here.

Here is a short note on the Asia-Pacific Federation of the World Council.

The Asia-Pacific Federation holds biennial conferences. The 11th Conference toook place in Sydney, Australia in July/August 2010.  The 12th was in Dubai in July 2012 and the 13th will be in Beijing, China in August 2014.


Posts Featuring Asia

I have written several extensive posts about national gifted education programmes in Asia:


These ‘Behind the Gifted News’ features also have Asian subjects:


GP 4/14




3 thoughts on “Asia

  1. Hello there 🙂

    Just out of curiosity… have you ever heard of the country called Negara Brunei Darussalam? I would love to know about the country’s development on gifted education (if there is any). I have checked the map, the country is not far from Malaysia. It is a small country though and it would be interesting if there is any information on that particular country.. 🙂 Thanks…

  2. Hi Nina

    Yes I have heard of Brunei but know very little about it as a country. This from Wikipedia is useful background.

    There is some information online about gifted education in Brunei but I’m not yet sure that there is enough to support a post.

    I’ll add Brunei to my list of possible topics, however, and review the online evidence when I get the chance.

    Thank you for your suggestion!

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