Ibero-American Federation of the World Council

As with the Asia-Pacific Federation, the Ibero-American Federation – also known as FICOMUNDYT – seems to be experiencing some problems. It has a relatively up-to-date website although there are no entries for 2010.

It was due to hold a biennial Congress in 2010 but I can find no details of such an event online. The first such congress took place in Buenos Aires in 1994. Recent events have been held in Loja (Ecuador) in 2004, Mar del Plata (Argentina) in 2006 and Lima (Peru) in 2008.

A substantive publication emerged from the 2008 Congress and is available (in Spanish) here.

FICOMUNDYT has NGO status and serves countries using the Spanish and Portuguese languages and relevant minorities in other parts of the Americas. The current Chair is Dolores Valdez (Mexico).

Other countries nominating delegates are Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru. Argentina and Venezuela are mentioned as members in former years. The published objectives reflect those of the World Council. There is an annual membership fee of $30.

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