Pupil premium grammar schools



…Or ‘An exercise in policy design’.


This post considers proposals emerging for new selective schools that would select on the basis of ability or attainment and socio-economic disadvantage.

It covers the following ground:

  • The context provided by the selection green paper and the Opportunity Areas policy.
  • Recent Advocacy for ‘pupil premium grammar schools’ and similar entities.
  • Analysis of the model proposed.
  • An alternative, far more efficient model for the system-wide support of disadvantaged high attainers.


The selection green paper

Schools that work for everyone’ (September 2016) proposed increased between-school selection, including new fully or partially selective schools, but subject to certain conditions.

The introduction says:

‘We want more good schools, including selective schools, but we want selective schools to make sure they help children from all backgrounds.’

This immediately suggests some potential resistance to new selective schools reserved solely for learners from disadvantaged backgrounds.


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