Dracup, Tim

Tim Dracup is a freelance gifted education consultant and writer based in England. Formerly Head of the English Government’s Gifted and Talented Education Unit, he developed from scratch the country’s National Programme for Gifted and Talented Education and led its delivery from 1999 to 2009, ultimately supporting one million learners. He is a NAGC Trustee and involved in building stronger partnership and collaboration between the various UK G&T interests. He advocates for stronger global collaboration through his Gifted Phoenix Blog and tweets under the same pseudonym.

2 thoughts on “D

  1. Hi Tim,

    Not entirely sure if you will be able to pick this up. I am currently undertaking an MRes in physical education and formulating a paper regarding G&T and the implementation and identification of such measures within primary physical education. Would it be possible to gain some ideas and knowledge from your experiences within this field.

    Kind Regards,

    Carl Longmore

  2. Hi Carl

    Sorry to be slow responding to your message. I’m very happy to help. Feel free to contact me by email (my address is on the ‘About’ page) and we can discuss further.

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