Investigating grammar streams


This post investigates the practice of introducing selective grammar streams into comprehensive schools.


  • Reviews recent advocacy for this practice.
  • Distinguishes grammar streams from other, related approaches to within-school selection.
  • Urges revision of the official distinction between ability and aptitude, based on the erroneous position taken by the School Adjudicator.
  • Places grammar streams in the wider context of the evidence base for and against streaming.
  • Adopts as a case study two grammar streams recently introduced by the United Learning Trust (ULT).
  • Concludes with a summary of key points and assessment of the potential value, or otherwise, of more grammar streaming as one dimension of government policy in the wake of the selection green paper.


Background – previous posts and the selection green paper

Publication of the green paper ‘Schools that work for everyone’ (September 2016) has generated much debate about the advantages and (mostly) disadvantages of…

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