Rescue Plan (or how to get from where we are to where we ought to be)



This post:

  • Reviews progress to date on white paper policies to improve the education of higher attaining learners
  • Considers some wider implications of the white paper’s commitment to equality of educational opportunity, regardless of background and prior attainment, and
  • Proposes a dedicated national centre, based in a leading university, to specialise in the education and progression of higher attaining learners, from reception to graduation.

There is also a leitmotif: that arguments for and against more grammar schools must always be set in the wider context of how best to educate high attainers, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds


Initial reflections – a summary of sorts

Rarely have I been less confident of the prospects for securing a coherent policy response to the needs of high attaining learners, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Expectations were raised by the recognition of past ‘neglect’, the new equal opportunities vision and three…

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