England’s excellence gaps revisited



This is a revised and updated version of How should England close its excellence gaps? (January 2018)

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This is a significant turning point in the evolution of national education policy.

Former Secretary of State Greening published her social mobility plan Unlocking Talent: Fulfilling Potential (December 2017), immediately following the wholesale resignation of the Social Mobility Commission’s Board, protesting at lack of political leadership and insufficient support.

New Secretary of State Hinds was appointed amid rumoured plans to refresh and prioritise Government policy on improving education standards. Hinds himself is keenly interested in social mobility.

Some sixteen months on, the Government still has not published a full official response to consultation on its pro-selection green paper Schools that work for everyone (September 2016) – which prompted almost universal criticism.

Greening is understood to have delayed publication, though a document has several times been promised ‘in due course’.

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