Closing the curtains on key stage 2 level 6 assessment



This post provides updated information about trends in Key Stage 2 Level 6 performance.



Two further datasets have been released since I published a summary of Provisional KS2 Level 6 results for 2015 (August 2015):

  • 2015 static national transition matrices for KS1-2 reading, writing and maths were added to RAISEonline on 29 October.
  • L6 test entries for 2015 and preceding years were included in SFR42/2015, published on 5 November.

This permits further analysis of KS2 L6 attainment and progress.


L6 test entries

Chart 1 shows annual L6 test entries since 2012.

I had expected that confirmation of the abolition of L6 tests would depress 2015 entries severely across the board. But only in the reading test did entries fall below their 2014 level – and then only slightly.

This dip may have been more attributable to problems with the 2014 test: the drastically lower success…

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