Can we expect a rocket boost for fair access?



This post considers whether the forthcoming Higher Education Green Paper will propose radical reform to bring about fair access to universities.


The runes first written

The Conservative Government aspires to widen participation and improve fair access.

4179063482_e8184e27a1_z Courtesy of David Blackwell

There was no explicit commitment in the Conservative election manifesto but, one week before the May 2015 General Election, a Tory press release announced that:

‘Underlining a future Conservative government’s commitment to young people, the Prime Minister will set out a goal that by 2020, disadvantaged young people will be twice as likely to enter higher education than under Labour.’

On 1 July 2015, Jo Johnson, the newly-appointed Minister of State for Universities and Science both reaffirmed and clarified this statement:

‘The Prime Minister has set an ambitious goal to double the proportion of those from disadvantaged backgrounds progressing into higher education by 2020 (compared with 2009).’

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