Gifted Education Activity in the Blogosphere and on Twitter


4-Eyes-resized-greenjacketfinalI have been doing some groundwork for an impending analysis of the coverage of gifted education (and related issues) in social media – and reflecting on how that has changed in the four years I have been involved.

As a first step I revised my Blogroll (normally found in the right hand margin, immediately below the Archives).

I decided to include only Blogs that have published three or more relevant posts in the last six months – and came up with the following list of 23, which I have placed in alphabetical order.



Belin-Blank Center

Distilling G and T Ideas

Dona Matthews

Gifted and Talented Ireland

Gifted Challenges

Gifted Education Perspectives

Gifted Exchange

Gifted Parenting Support

Global #gtchat powered by TAGT

headguruteacher  (posts tagged #gtvoice)

Irish Gifted Education Blog


Laughing at Chaos

Living the Life Fantastic

Ramblings of a Gifted Teacher

smarte barn

Talent Igniter

Talent Talk

Talento y Educacion

The Deep End

The Prufrock Press Blog

Unwrapping the Gifted



This is rather a short list, which might suggest a significant falling off of blogging activity since 2010. I had to delete the majority of the entries in the previous version of the Blogroll because they were dormant or dead.

But I might have missed some deserving blogs, particularly in other languages. Most on this list are written in English.

If you have other candidates for inclusion do please suggest them through the comments facility below, or pass them on via Twitter.

You may have views about the quantity and quality of blogging activity – and whether there is an issue here that needs to be addressed. Certainly the apparent decline in gifted education blogging comes at a time when edublogging in England has never been more popular. Perhaps you have ideas for stimulating more posts.

On the other hand, you might take the view that blogging is increasingly irrelevant, given the inexorable rise of microblogging – aka Twitter – and the continued popularity of Facebook, let alone the long list of alternatives.

Speaking of Twitter, I thought it might be an interesting exercise to compile a public list of every feed I could find that references gifted education (or an equivalent term, whether in English or another language) in its profile.

The full list – which you can find at – contains 1,245 members at present.

I have embedded the timeline below, and you can also find it in the right hand margin, immediately below the Blogroll.



The list includes some leading academic authorities on the subject, but is dominated by gifted education teachers and the parents of gifted learners, probably in roughly equal measure.

The clear majority is based in the United States, but there is a particularly strong community in the Netherlands and reasonable representation in Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK. Several other countries are more sparsely represented.

(One authority – who shall remain nameless – has unaccountably blocked me, which prevents his inclusion in the list. But he has only produced eight tweets, the most recent over a year old, so I suppose he is no great loss.)

I cannot compare this with earlier lists, but it feels as though there has been a significant expansion of the gifted Twittersphere since I began in 2010.

That said I have no information yet about how many of the feeds are active – and just how active they are.

If I have inadvertently omitted you from the list, please Tweet to let me know. Please feel free to make use of the list as you wish, or to offer suggestions for how I might use it.

There will be further segmented lists in due course.


Postscript 13 January:

Many thanks for your really positive response. The blogroll now has 34 entries…and there’s always room for more.

If you’d like to subscribe to the Twitter list but are not sure how, here’s Twitter’s guide (see bottom of page).

If you’re not on the list but would like to be, please either follow me (making sure there’s a reference to gifted or similar in your profile) or send me a tweet requesting to be added.

You can follow or tweet me direct from this blog by going to the ‘Gifted Phoenix on Twitter’ embed in the right hand column.




January 2014


10 thoughts on “Gifted Education Activity in the Blogosphere and on Twitter

  1. Perhaps not as far-reaching as many of the blogs on your list, but my blog – – does at least satisfy the requirement of more than three posts in the last six months. It is intended primarily for my school community, but I also aim to promote gifted education throughout international schools, where it has been sadly neglected. This largely expat environment comes with its own particular challenges (and rewards) and since this is a new blog, and a new initiative in this community, I am trying to build understanding by deliberately avoiding any potentially divisive language, focusing on equity and the benefits for all students of appropriate challenge.

    Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all that you do for the gifted education community. You save me so much time, as I know that if anything is going on in the gifted ed world, you will tweet about it!

  2. Hi Selena

    Thanks for your kind words. I’ve added your blog to the roll. Best wishes for your work with ISB and the wider community of international schools – do let me know if I can help in any way.


  3. Hi Tim I notice that none of my blogs are included – is this because they have new addresses since mid 2013?
    I put in a huge amount of work to transfer the posts and have continued to post since. I believe there are some worthwhile gifted posts in amongst all the frivolities!
    The new addresses are Gifted Resources blog
    Sprite’s Site blog
    And there is also a selection of Sprite’s Site on the Edublogs platform Sprite’s New Site which is completely about gifted and 2E issues
    There are many references to your blog amongst my posts.
    Kind regards, Jo Freitag

  4. I keep a blog about our family’s education experiences as well. I have two kids – one has been accelerated three full grades, the other two. You can find me at and on Twitter at gwynridenhour. By the end of this month, my blog will be found at, and my Twitter (which is already up, but not yet active) is steampoweredclassrm. Thanks!

  5. Thanks Gwyn. I’ve added your eponymous Twitter feed to the Gifted Twitter list (I couldn’t find the other one yet). I’m having trouble drawing the line with home educators’ blogs. I went through the list maintained by GHF and added those that I thought were also reflective on the wider issues in gifted education – as opposed to straightforward diaries or more thorough curriculum resource repositories. On reflection (and having looked more closely) I’ve decided I’ve been remiss in missing yours out. I’ve added it using the new URL.

    Best wishes


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