Gifted Phoenix Twitter Round-up Volume 12: Giftedness and Gifted Education


Here is a slightly overdue termly round-up of activity on the Gifted Phoenix Twitter feed.

4-Eyes-resized-greenjacketfinalThe sheer volume of activity undertaken over the four month period since my last review – attributable to my efforts to cover domestic education policy alongside global gifted activity – has led me to experiment with separating those two strands.

So this section of Volume 12 is dedicated to giftedness and gifted education over the period February 24 to July 3 2013.

Two further sections are devoted to wider education policy, organised on a thematic basis.

The material is organised into the following categories:

  • Global coverage, including sub-sections for each continent. As ever, this broadly reflects the distribution of activity worldwide, with little happening in Africa and a lot in the US.
  • UK coverage, including a discrete sub-section on Ofsted’s ‘Most Able Students’ survey, published in June 2013.
  • Thematic coverage, containing sub-sections on Intelligence and Neuroscience, Creativity and Innovation, Twice-Exceptional and Gifted Research.
  • Gifted Commentary, with subsections devoted to Yours Truly, Twitter chats and other posts.

Because the timespan covered by this review is relatively long, I have decided to keep the broad chronological order rather than grouping tweets thematically within sections. This means that readers will need to search a little more – for example for the limited non-US coverage within the sub-section devoted to The Americas.

As usual I have relied almost exclusively on my own Tweets, including only those that carry a hyperlink. I have not checked that all links remain live. I have included a few retweets and modified tweets originated by others.



July 2013


Giftedness and Gifted Education Around the World



A Learnist board on gifted education:

The Open Education Database includes a single offering on gifted education: Frankly that’s pathetic

Confirmation that @LesLinks is the new World Council President: – I shall have to mind my Ps and Qs!

Looks as though ICIE’s 2014 Conference is in Chennai, India: – Usual suspects involved

IRATDE’s latest journal – Talent Development and Excellence Vol 5 No 1 (2013):

Inside view of WCGTC Conference preparations: – I hadn’t appreciated that Denmark is hosting in 2015

World Council Conference in Kentucky is up to 350 acceptances: so they need a last-minute surge

World Council 2015 Gifted Conference in Denmark will be located in Odense, August 10-14: No direct flights?



Guardian feature on Sheikh School, the ‘Eton of Somaliland’:





A more hostile position on the expansion of Renzulli academies in Connecticut:

About US NAGC’s Administrator’s Toolbox for Gifted Education – which is here

The row about NYC’s gifted programme rumbles on and on…and on:

New Executive Director of US federal initiative to secure Educational Excellence for African Americans:

How does Insight Help Gifted Children? – Piece on Esther Katz Rosen Early Career Research Grants

Paper on impact on gifted learners of inclusion policy in British Columbia:

Evidence of a backlash against those proposed new Renzulli academies in Connecticut:

Article on college readiness of gifted students by CTY’s Director:

Senator Chuck Grassley continues his support for high ability students in the USA:

Legal action threatened over gifted education in NY State:



Chuck Grassley press release on latest introduction of the Talent Act:

MT @ljconrad: Vanderbilt Programs for Talented Youth Newsletter

CEC press release on the latest edition of the Talent Act:

Missouri Senate progressing bill to establish a gifted and talented advisory council:

More on ability grouping in the US: and

The Socialist Worker perspective on gifted education in New York City:

Recap of an event to discuss gifted education issues in Ohio:

State-wide review of gifted education in Pennsylvania moves a step closer:

Louisiana gifted funding plan under fire: and this from Ravitch

A bit more negative reaction to Louisiana proposal to link gifted funding to test scores:

Why my grandson, 4, won’t be taking a gifted ed test:

Meanwhile discussion continues over Delaware’s grants for gifted education bill:

The Renzulli Academy planned in New London is relegated to an incubator programme:

NEPC review says recent ‘Does Sorting Students Improve Test Scores’ paper too poor to inform tracking policy:

Pro-acceleration legislation enacted in Colorado:

Belin-Blank on Grassley’s Talent Act:

Rapper Wale (next album ‘Gifted) to perform at WKU, home of the World Council. A publicist’s dream!

Florida’s apprach to gifted education begins to focus more strongly on equity issues:

Jann Leppien lands that Gifted Chair at Whitworth U (reserved for someone of a Christian persuasion)

Report on Talent Management in US Education: – They and we could start the process with school-age students

Loveless reviews the US history of tracking and ability grouping and calls for more research:

A couple of reports on initial impact of changes to tests for the NYC gifted programme: and

January 2013 CTYI doctoral thesis about impact of the Centre for Academic Achievement (CAA):

Iowa elementary school teacher says gifted learners deserve attention too:

NGLB – No Gifted Left Behind:  – a view from Illinois

Ohio’s new report cards include gifted learners. Simulation based on old data suggests shortcomings:

Pearson make clunking great horlicks of NY gifted test and Humble pie abounds

Belin-Blank Director refers you to her paywalled research I want it freely accessible

State report card shows some high performing Ohio districts don’t cut the mustard with gifted ed:

Rumblings continue over Pearson’s testing issues in NYC Apparently it’s being called TestingGATE (ho ho)

Democrat sources argue for reform to NYC’s gifted programme:

A call for stronger gifted education in Baltimore:

Pearson’s gifted assessment contract with NYC reportedly under threat as a second error is uncovered

More from across the Atlantic on grouping by ability:

African-Americans and Hispanics are heavily under-represented in Virginia’s gifted programmes:

Profile of Sue Khim: the founder of Brilliant:

Following the testing debacle, NYC gifted admissions process now faces a parental lawsuit:

Brief feature on the founder of a Center for Talent Attention, presumably based in Mexico:

New London has rejected a Renzulli Academy: – but is it the last word?

Latest NEPC Policy Brief is resolutely anti-tracking and so won’t go unchallenged:

Looks as though @donnayford is launching a blog:

Gatton Academy at WKU has a relationship with Harlaxton College in Grantham



Debate about the pros and cons of ability grouping continues:

Finding America’s Missing AP/IB Students Education Trust says they can help tackle excellence gaps

More about ability grouping, from the NYT:

US NAGC press release on inclusion of gifted learners in draft ESEA Reauthorisation Bill:

Another view on ability grouping/tracking in US Will Ofsted report on ‘most able’ reignite debate here?

Another contribution to US debate on ability grouping:

Fixing America’s Talent Problem (mostly higher education focused):

CEC press release on the latest moves to introduce a US TALENT Act:

NAGC’s Press Release on the Talent Act:

A real slanging match in the comments on: ‘The Anti-Gifted Sentiment Behind Closing the Gap’:

A giftedness blog in British Columbia has come back to life:

Ending the neglect of Illinois’ gifted students:

This page carries a link to a powerpoint on gifted education (for women) in Costa Rica:

NYC gifted education again:  (including the judge who needs a crash course in gifted education)



Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi donates $10m to Permata Pintar gifted programme in Malaysia: – Jealous!

There’s a talk in Cambridge next week on gifted education in Kazakhstan:

Next round of gifted education awards in the Philippines:

New Wikipedia entry on the High School for Gifted Students at Hanoi University of Science:

Positive outcomes of Malaysia’s Permata Pintar Gifted programme via @noorsyakina:

Over in Hong Kong, HKAGE is running a student conference on giftedness and creativity in November:

Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education needs Associate Director for Student Programmes and Services:

A very brief item on Kuwaiti gifted education from the national news agency:

Interesting feature on giftedness from the Bangkok Post:  (don’t be put off by the awful stock photo)

Recording of that Cambridge seminar I referenced on gifted education in Kazakhstan:



Bloom Nepal sounds like a valuable gifted education initiative in that country:

Is Vietnam’s national gifted education programme a waste of money?

A Talent School of Academic and Arts (TSAA) is opening in Makati, Philippines:

A Glance at Gifted Education in Singapore:

Brief piece on gifted education in Bahrain:

Mawhiba (gifted education in Saudi Arabia) is supporting over 12,000 students in its third phase:

Evaluating the Effects of the Oasis Enrichment Model (on gifted education in Saudi Arabia):



Feature on China’s School for the Gifted Young: with an interesting opening line

RT @noorsyakina: First Lady of Mozambique visits Permata Pintar in Malaysia

There’s now a National Association of Gifted Education in India. Here’s its test website:

Expansion of Saudi Mawhiba gifted summer school plus international girls’ programme involving CTY

Bahraini students will take part in the Mawhiba-CTY girls only summer school:

UKM in Malaysia has signed a MoU with Kazakhstan University including gifted education collaboration

The Eden Center: A Haven for Korea’s Highly Gifted Kids:

A piece on teaching mathematically gifted Muslim girls from India:

Kazakhstan: Nazarbayed Intellectual Schools needs teachers (to teach in English)

Jakarta Post features an academy for poor but gifted students in Sumatra:

China has launched a first Regional Talent Competitiveness Report: and



Gifted Kids in NZ has appointed a new chair:

RT @jofrei: Gifted Resources March newsletter can be read online at

Gifted education is a focus in state elections in Western Australia:

Feature on gifted education in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand:

Brief Massey University press release on an upcoming regional gifted education conference in NZ:



Guidance from New Zealand about developing Professional Learning Networks in Gifted Education:

MT @jofrei: Gifted Resources March No 2 Newsletter can be read online at

New article from New Zealand comparing enrichment and acceleration:

TKI Gifted in NZ is now advertising the World Council Conference, shifted from NZ to Kentucky:

Bit of a coup for GERRIC, who are running gifted teacher education courses for ESF in Hong Kong:

MT @jofrei: Gifted Resources April Newsletter can be read online at

State Government’s response to the Inquiry into Victorian gifted education begins to emerge:

University of New England (Australia) seeks Lecturer in School Pedagogy/Gifted Education:



MT @jofrei: VAGTC EmpowerED Conference report on Gifted Resources blog

Extended differentiated Instruction presentation from recent gifted conference in Victoria, Australia:

New Zealand’s Got Talent. The Role of Schools in Talent Development: – Unites arguments I support and oppose

Time for the annual New Zealand Gifted Awareness Blog Tour:

Welcome to the NZGAW Blog Tour 2013:

‘Your MP is Probably Gifted’: – a timely comment from New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week

Australian Mensa is worried about what happens to gifted students in Australian universities:

A contribution to the ability grouping debate (the one in NZ this time):

Young members of Mensa New Zealand: – a world away from Child Genius!

Picture this: gifted (from NZGAW):

Gifted Kids at [NZ] Parliament: – Green Party support for NZGAW

NZ Labour Party supports Gifted Awareness Week:

Another NZGAW offering – Kiwi learners reflect on what it means to be gifted:

Investigation into the Identification of Maori Gifted and Talented Students (from NZGAW):

RT @ljconrad: AUS: Gifted Resources Newsletter June 2013 (pdf) from @jofrei

Interesting progress report on New South Wales’ Virtual Selective High School, xsel:



It’s Ireland’s 3rd National Gifted Awareness Week soon! Are you a potential sponsor?

European Talent Centre website has ended its hibernation; features an essay by Roland Persson

Summary of the recent EU Hearing on Talent Support: – No comment.

The EU Talent Centre has finally published volume 2 of International Horizons of Talent Support:

ECHA is calling for bids to host its 2016 conference and – Deadline 10 April

Maltese Education Department reforms to support high achievers. Report: – coverage:

Potential Plus and Silverman on Tour in Denmark:

Contributions to Denmark’s 2013 Symposium on gifted including contributions from Potential Plus:

RT @GTNIrl: What if Giftedness was not defined as SEN in Ireland?



EESC Opinion Unleashing the potential of children and young people with high intellectual abilities in EU:

MT @Dazzlld: Some news from the Irish Gifted Education Blog:

MT @peter_lydon:Gifted And Talented Network Ireland helps parents of gifted children to support each other

Gifted education arrives in Gozo:

RT @Begabungs: The first Gifted Awareness Week in Germany – June 3rd to June 9th 2013

Supply of Turkish gifted education inadequate to meet demand (courtesy of @ljconrad):

CTYI/DCU setting up Irish Centre for Gifted Research with support from College of William and Mary:

Armenian scholarship fund for gifted learners at Dilijan International School: and:

MT @Begabungs: Article from France! Thank you France!

Legislative Strategies to Promote Talent in Romania (full text via PDF link):

RT @Begabungs: The Development of Giftedness and Talent in 21st Century October 5th – 6th, 2013 Toulouse


UK Coverage


News and Developments

Dance and Drama Awards Guide for 2013/14 (New Students):

Dear Treasury: economic growth is driven by human capital. Jerrim makes strong case for investment in high achievers

TES on How to Meet the Needs of Child Prodigies plus article featuring my alter ego:

A positive profile of Chetham’s, part of the MDS and an important part of our gifted education provision:

Gove concedes that ‘there is much more that we can do’ to support high achievers: (Col 652) We’re all ears

Will removal of a flexi-schooling option impact disproportionately on gifted learners? Evidence?:

New Ofsted Report on Schools’ Use of Early Entry to GCSE Examinations (March 2013):

TES: Familiar portrayal of Chinese education ethos Author (a head) wants to ban use of ‘gifted and talented’

Adonis is new chair of trustees at IPPR: so maybe they’ll show some interest in future of gifted education



Cridland speech to #ascl2013 asks whether gifted learners get the challenge and support they need:

Q. How can education best contribute to Cameron’s ‘global race’? A. Partly by investing in tomorrow’s high achievers:

Concern at the plight of EAL support – will hit the oft-forgotten EAL gifted learners:

Reports on safeguarding at Chetham’s:  and  – will there be wider implications for MDS?

@judeenright Amazingly I’ve just had a pingback from a post on Dux you published 362 days ago!:

Will Gilbert’s audit push Thurrock to improve gifted education? This mum hopes so: – I won’t hold my breath

RT @DMUVC: Hundreds of secondary school pupils have been on campus for DMU Gifted and Talented programme

New DfE research on KS2 Level 6 Tests: – Critical of lack of guidance; doesn’t mention disappearance of L6

“It is the unfortunate nature of state schools that gifted children are often limited”:

Somewhere in England there’s a school that thinks NAGTY still exists: – It closed in 2007

Sutton Trust’s future strategy features Open Access (bad) and Helping the Highly Able (depends how) – see p5

TES says Government is no longer promoting setting: – but what will Ofsted say about impact on highly able?

How Level 6 tests are viewed in secondaries: Gifted learners suffer badly from this poor transition practice



Waiting to see whether and how high attainers will be accommodated in TechBacc: and

Cybersecurity’s the latest industry to harness the power of gifted learners:

We had the school that thought NAGTY still existed; now we have the College seeking to re-energise YG&T:

Still no TES this morning so you’ll have to make do with my new post on KS2 L6 and prospects for a Summer of Love:

THE article on Universities’ sponsorship of academies and my piece on 16-19 maths free schools

Collaborative support for gifted education in Dudley:

The importance of cross-phase collaboration: – critical for gifted learners as the KS2 L6 report showed

Abuse enquiries spreading across MDS schools: – Presumably some central action is under consideration

One of Labour’s policy forums urged review of gifted education policy: (more detail in linked Word doc)

Cambridge University willl be sponsoring the Villiers Park Scholars Programme in Hastings:

IGGY’s reached 2,500 members: and That’s slower progress than I’d anticipated

My post on IGGY discusses its membership/targets: 3,000 members’ claimed in 2012 v ‘over 2,500’ now?

Kings College 16-19 Maths School’s appointed a Head My progress report on 16-19 Maths Schools

This TES report states explicitly that 16 16-19 maths schools are planned: – Would like to know the source for that

Hoping for crossover between Ofsted’s upcoming reports on highly able and gap-narrowing. Excellence gaps need closing



Estyn’s Report on KS2/3 Science says more able pupils are insufficiently stretched:

TES on threat to NASA’s space education budget: – would be a significant loss to gifted education

Timely publicity for Government-supported Cyber Security Talent Search for KS4 students: GCHQ is a sponsor!

Thought-provoking piece ahead of ‘Child Genius’: Penultimate paragraph is the killer

Latest edition of the gtvoice Newsletter: Mentions two very important meetings in this ‘Summer of Love’

Congratulations to Horndean Techonology College for being one of 8 lead schools for more able  Not sure whose scheme?

Sweeteners for university sponsors of 16-19 maths free schools My analysis of progress to date

Here’s a brief report on Fair Access issues, especially some news about the Dux Award Scheme:

STA received 240 complaints re non-registration of KS2 pupils for Level 6 tests post-deadline: (Col 531W)


Ofsted Report

Still wondering why Ofsted’s rapid response gifted education survey: – isn’t yet listed here:

HMCI still bigging up Ofsted’s upcoming report on highly able: Identification, tracking sure, but streaming?

Telegraph says Ofsted’s ‘Most Able Pupils’ report will issue next week, but no new details of likely content

Telegraph calls the Ofsted Able pupils Report ‘damning’; Ofsted will now routinely check whether their needs are met:

Guardian coverage of the Ofsted Able Pupils Survey launch says it based on visits to 41 non-selective schools:

Independent on Ofsted Able Pupils Survey: some schools not identifying most able (which was a requirement up to 2011):

BBC coverage of Ofsted Able Pupils Report leads on failure to translate L5 to A* HMCI advocates setting/streaming:

Sutton Trust wants Government to fund trials of best ways to support gifted learners: So a job for the EEF Sir Peter?

This short piece on gifted education and Learning Schools should’ve been published elsewhere today It wasn’t



In which I propose a National Network of Learning Schools (to complement the Teaching Schools Network):

RT @dandoj: Interesting Ofsted story on schools failing to challenge the brightest – particularly true for the poorest

@rchak100 @brianlightman @dylanwiliam There’s more data than you can shake a stick at in my analysis here:

Ofsted Report on the Most Able Pupils now published: plus press release

Ofsted report says in only 20% of 2327 lessons observed were able pupils supported well or better: (p7)

Also surprised that Ofsted most able report is silent on school-to-school collaboration. My own modest proposal here:

Key Finding 1: In many schools expectations of most able are too low:

Key Finding 2: In non-selective schools 65% of those achieving L5 in Eng and Ma didn’t get GCSE A*/A (2012):

Key Finding 3: School leaders ‘haven’t done enough to create a culture of scholastic excellence’:

Key Finding 3 (cont) Schools don’t routinely give same attention to most able as they do to those struggling

Key Finding 4: Transition arrangements don’t ensure high attainers maintain momentum into Year 7:

Key Finding 5: KS3 teaching is insufficiently focused on the most able:

Key Finding 6: Many students become used to under-challenge. Parents and teachers accept this too readily:

Key Finding 7: KS3 curriculum and early GCSE entry are key weaknesses; homework insufficiently challenging:

Key Finding 8: Inequalities amongst most able aren’t being addressed satisfactorily. Particularly FSM boys:

Key Finding 8 (cont): Few schools are using Pupil Premium to support most able from disadvantaged backgrounds

Key Finding 9: Many schools aren’t using assessment, tracking and targeting effectively with most able:

Key Finding 10: Too few schools worked with families to remove cultural/financial obstacles to HE admission

Key Finding 11: Most 11-16 schools visited were insufficiently focused on progression to HE:

Key Finding 12: Schools’ knowledge/expertise on application to top universities not always up-to-date:

Ofsted Recommendation 1: DfE should ensure parents get annual report showing if their children are on track



Ofsted Recommendation 3: DfE should promote new destinations data on progression to (leading) universities:

Ofsted Recommendation 4: Schools should develop ethos so needs of most able are championed by school leaders

Ofsted Recommendation 5: Schools should develop skills/confidence/attitudes to succeed at best universities:

Ofsted Recommendation 6: Schools should improve primary/secondary transfer and plan KS3 lessons accordingly:

Ofsted Recommendation 7: Schools should ensure work remains challenging /demanding throughout KS3:

Ofsted Recommendation 8: Senior school leaders should check mixed ability teaching is challenging enough:

Ofsted Recommendation 9: Schools should check that homework is sufficiently challenging for most able:

Ofsted Recommendation 10: Schools should give parents of more able better infromation more frequently:

Ofsted Recommendation 10 (cont) schools should raise parents’ expectations for more able where necessary:

Ofsted Recommendation 11: Schools should work with (poor) families to overcome obstacles to HE progression:

Ofsted Recommendation 12: Schools should develop more expertise to support progression to top universities:

Ofsted Recommendation 13: Schools should publish more widely a list of university destinations of students:



Ofsted Commitment 2: Will focus inspection more on use of Pupil Premium for most able disadvantaged learners

Ofsted Commitment 3: Will report inspection findings more clearly in school, 6th form and college reports:

Ofsted has today called for a new progress measure from KS2 to KS4/5 for most able pupils:

What the Unions think of Ofsted’s Most Able Students Report – NAHT:

What the Unions think of Ofsted’s Most Able Students Report – ASCL:

What the Unions think of Ofsted’s Most Able Students Report – NUT:

What the Unions think of Ofsted’s Most Able Students Report: NASUWT –

What the Unions think of Ofsted’s Most Able Students Report – Voice:

What the Unions think of Ofsted’s Most Able Students Report – ATL:

Potential Plus (formerly NAGC) press release on Ofsted’s Most Able Pupils Report:

David Laws video response to Ofsted Most Able Students response: – no new commitments

Twigg: ‘David Cameron and Michael Gove have no plan for gifted children’: but no commitments

Review of today’s Ofsted report on most able by @pwatsonmontrose: (thanks for the links Patrick!)

Inspired by ASCL I’ve just checked what the 2012 KS2/4 Transition Matrices say about high attainers’ performance:

Apropos Ofsted’s Most Able report 2012 Transition Matrices show only 50% of KS2 L5A in Maths got GCSE A*:

Apropos Ofsted’s Most Able Students report 2012 Transition Matrices show only 47% of KS2 L5A in English got GCSE A*:

IoE reminds us that some GS have an issue with able learners (and inter-departmental variation’s also problematic):

Sutton Trust blog on today’s Ofsted report:  still wondering when we’ll hear outcome of their own call for proposals

Skidmore thinks the answer is setting (and streaming?):  Will his Select Committee explore these issues?

RT @RealGeoffBarton: From last night: ‘Pass the G&T’: my blog on a depressing day for Ofsted and state education:

This Telegraph commentary on the ‘Most Able’ Report asks whether Gove(rnment) will step up to the challenges it poses

Standard predicts that schools will introduce predictive GCSE ‘report cards’ following yesterday’s Ofsted report:

Wilby questions evidence base behind Ofsted’s ‘Most Able’ Report but this evidence shows he hasn’t read it thoroughly

Spectator insists Ofsted’s ‘Most Able’ report vindicates Govian policy: But is the challenge/support balance optimal?

RT @federicacocco: My factcheck on evidence behind Ofsted’s latest report on bright children in Comprehensive schools

And, further to Factcheck, this is what the fine level transition matrices tell us about high attainers’ progression

So What Does Gifted Mean Anyway? ID’s part of assessment; teaching to the top’s admirable and integral to ID

RT @headguruteacher: NEW POST Today: My take on the OfSTED report: The Anatomy of High Expectations

Huge thanks to everyone who promoted my megapost on Ofsted’s ‘Most Able’ Report: Especially @headguruteacher

Stephen ‘Up to two-thirds of teachers do not at heart approve of special programmes for the most able’:

Telegraph take on yesterday’s ‘Most Able’ Ofsted report:  – Nothing here about supporting schools to improve


Thematic Coverage


Intelligence and Neuroscience

Reasoning Training Increases Brain Connectivity Associated with High-Level Cognition by @sbkaufman:

A dose of realism over genetic selection for high IQ:

Two contrasting views of Obama’s new BRAIN initiative supporting neuroscience: and



A round-up of developments in working memory research:

MT @NAGCBritain: Schooling Makes You Smarter: What teachers need to know about IQ:

In Defence of Working Memory Training:

Intelligence can’t be explained by the size of one’s frontal lobes!

Yet another warning that research on the relationship between IQ and race is incendiary:

Informative piece on the pernicious influence of ‘IQ fundamentalism’ in the wake of Richwine:

The impact of transcranial random noise stimulation on cognitive function: (I kid you not)

Intelligence as a function of other people’s perceptions:

The distinctinction between intelligence and rationality:

More about eugenics and cognitive genomics:

Motion Filtering Ability Correlated to High IQ:

‘Intelligence is largely a hereditary trait’ states @toadmeister on meritocracy: That’s highly contestable

Neat post on Intelligence, Genetics and Environment drawing on Nisbett et al’s 2012 paper:

Eight ways of looking at intelligence:

Redefining Intelligence: Q and A with @sbkaufman:

MT @WendaSheard: An antidote to neuromyths perpetrated in K-12 ed conferences and publications.


Creativity and Innovation

Start with small steps when nurturing the next Van Gogh (about fostering creativity in learning):

A simply outstanding piece about domain dependency and ‘epistemic chameleons’:

Creativity lies in combining ordinary things in extraordinary ways:

OECD post on creativity: and associated Education for Innovation in Asia conference papers:

Intuition as the basis for creativity:

Profiling Serial Creators by @sbkaufman

I do so agree with this dismissal of Robinson’s TED flummery:  – gets far more attention than it deserves

Turning adversity into creative growth:

@BSheermanMP @DrSpenny I spent some time trying to get a grip on Robinson’s take on talent: – wasn’t impressed

Does education marginalise spatial thinkers?

RT @HuntingEnglish: Why We Should Mistrust Ken Robinson – Glad I’m not the only one!



The Invisible Side of ‘Special Needs’ Gifted Students:

Twice-Exceptional: When Exceptions are the Norm:

Belin-Blank presentation on Parenting Twice-Exceptional Children:

Belin-Blank has funding from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation to support twice-exceptional students:

Twice-exceptional, from an Indian perspective:

Raising the Autistic Gifted Child:

Belin-Blank on twice-exceptionality:  featuring their resources


Gifted Research

You can access this morming’s study of ability grouping and summer born children here:  (link at bottom)

Here’s the associated IoE press release about the MCS ability grouping and summer born children paper:

Research showing gender differences largest in maths but smallest in reading amongst high attainers

Brown Center pieces on the incidence of ability grouping and tracking and advanced 8th Grade maths courses:

Elite Athletes Also Excel at Some Cognitive Tasks:

Why Gifted Low Income Students Don’t Go To the Best Colleges:

School makes you smarter:

Defining Mathematical Giftedness in Elementary School Settings:

US follow-up study finds similar academic growth rates for high-achieving students at high and low income schools:



How important is maths ability for scientific success?

Brand spanking new post on The Limited Accessibility of Gifted Education Research:

More on Wai’s study on the relationship between wealth and ability:

So much for 10,000 hours of deliberate practice: – hard work doesn’t deliver for everyone

The Complexity of Greatness (including more about deliberate practice) from @sbkaufman:

Are gender differences increasing in mathematical ability at the upper end?

Interesting piece of open access research (hooray) on Renzulli Learning: Relevant to other providers

2 Indian publications: Introductory Reading on Giftedness in Children Case Profiles


Gifted Commentary


Gifted Phoenix

A huge(ly ambitious) new blogpost: The Economics of Gifted Education Revisited:

@jakeanders @drbeckyallen What did you make of – What prospect of serious analysis of smart fraction from your ilk?

The @GiftedPhoenix Manifesto for Gifted Education:

MT @peter_lydon: The most important statement on Gifted education this year I’m seriously flattered. Thanks!

Peter Lydon blogs on (and reproduces) The Gifted Phoenix Manifesto for Gifted Education:

RT @peter_lydon: Special #gtie Chat on Sunday 9pm GMT ‘The Gifted Phoenix Manifesto for Gifted Education’.

Explore The Gifted Phoenix Manifesto for Gifted Education via #gtie at 21.00GMT on Sunday 24 March:

Here’s a selective, reordered Storify transcript of last night’s #gtie chat on the Gifted Phoenix Manifesto:

I’ve also included some tweets in the Gifted Phoenix Manifesto post, to give the flavour of #gtie discussion

Fascinating and troubling equally that positive reaction to my Gifted Manifesto is all from outside the UK!

Planning a 16-19 maths free school? Want to know more about the KCL or Exeter projects? Here’s some essential reading

GEI has now published the dialogue between Barry Hymer and yours truly (£) but original on my blog):

This first post in my new ‘Summer of Love’ series is mainly about Key Stage 2 Level 6 tests:



My new post is a transatlantic exploration of support for high-ability low-income learners building on US NAGC’s work

My new post on Indian Gifted Education:

I’ve finalised my brief post of yesterday about the future of Dux Awards, now renamed Future Scholar Awards


Twitter Chats

MT @gtchatmod: #gtchat transcript: Coping When Extended Family Doesn’t Get Giftedness

MT @gtchatmod: Storify transcript of #gtchat: Book Lists for Gifted Learners

RT @gtchatmod: “Do gifted learners think differently?” will be our #gtchat topic Friday @11PM UK

MT @gtchatmod: Storify record of last night’s #gtchat: Do gifted learners think differently?

MT @gtchatmod: Storify transcript of last night’s #gtchat: The Value of Twitter Chats

MT @gtchatmod: Storify transcript of last night’s #gtchat: Organising the Gifted Learner

Transcripts of yesterday’s #gtchats: and

Transcript of last week’s #gtchat on Teaching Strategies for Underachievers:

MT @gtchatmod: New post: “The Misdiagnosis Initiative: An Interview with Dr. James Webb”

RT @gtchatmod: Transcript for “Asynchronous Transitioning to Adulthood” now available @ #gtchat blog.

RT @gtchatmod: Transcript for Supporting Exhausted Parents of Gifted Children? now available @ #gtchat blog

MT @gtchatmod: Transcript from 5pm 28 June #gtchat on ‘Rigour’ now available at

RT @gtchatmod: “A Multi-Talent’s Growth with Dr. Edith Johnston” New post on #gtchat Blog!

MT @Frazzlld: Transcript from tonight’s #gtie chat (March 3):

MT @Frazzlld: Thanks, everyone, for a great #gtie chat. Here’s “The Trouble With Boys” transcript:

Transcripts of recent #gtie chats on Gifted Support Groups:  and

RT @GTNIrl: Support for Teachers of Gifted Students (#gtie transcript)

MT @CatherinaFisher: For those who missed #gtie chat on Sunday: Social Media and Gifted Education Awareness


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RT @ljconrad: New post @GPS, “Preaching to the Choir: They Need to Hear the Message, Too!”

MT @ljconrad: “Best Practices in Gifted Parenting” is my new post @Gifted Parenting Support



Social Challenges of Gifted Adolescents:

Sorry but…Your Exceptional Child Might Not Be Gifted:

‘Studying to be Gifted’:

Gifted Kid Syndrome: – I really like the directness of this; others won’t

How to create a science prodigy (from @JonathanLWai):

Gifted Children: Skipping Grades:

Never trust a journalist who puts the word gifted in quotation marks:

The Lowest Common Denominator:

MT @ljconrad: The Socialization Question, Homeschooled and Gifted Children:

Giftedness should not be confused with mental disorder:

Using the ‘G word’ with kids:

(More on) Gifted and Racially Balanced Education:

Giftedness and Non-Conformity: – Reading that is just like looking in the mirror

Transcending Race in Gifted Programs: Are We There Yet?

Do Schools for the Gifted Promote Segregation? (I refuse to adopt the quotation marks):



MT @karlaarcher: “Giftedness and Boredom, Part Two: Tackling the Issue Head On”

MT @ljconrad: “An Educational Paradigm Shift for Low-Income Gifted Students”

Your Child is Gifted: A Parent’s Reaction:

Do GATE Programmes Take Resources Away From Needier Students?

“Live life to the fullest and rejoice in your moments of triumph because you are the best you there will ever be”:

Why is it challenging to be challenged in public schools?

Gifted Doesn’t Equal Segregation:

The Misunderstood Face of Giftedness:

Harnessing the power of social media to advocate for gifted education:

What Does ‘Gifted’ Look Like?

Australian opinion piece on gifted learners: – has more than a whiff of suspect old-fogeydom

Choosing the right college for gifted students: – much wisdom in this post

Why isn’t my child as clever as me? – nice counterbalance to parents worried about the reverse scenario



Gifted children need help too:  – a piece from South Dakota

We mustn’t neglect gifted students:  – a call to arms by P O-K and the Tennessee Association

The illusion of the gifted child:  – is actually about ways of improving gifted education

Gifted Children…how can we start?  – A blogpost from Mexico

MT @BYOTNetwork: BYOT in the Gifted Classroom: A Perfect Fit! Guest post by @abkeyser

Does the gifted label help or harm? An ongoing conversation on Reddit:

More gifted myth debunking:

Cretal reports back to Planet Zoran on Earth’s approach to education (courtesy of @sbkaufman):

Changing the label on gifted programmes: – the pros and cons

The Grown-up Gifted Child:

20 Reasons why it’s Awesome Growing Up Gifted:

Problem-based learning and gifted students (from CTD):

Paula O-K on flexible ability grouping:

Making Room for Talent:

Sharing the Gifted and Talented Curriculum:

The gifted child’s lament: How to adjust to an unjust world:

Is Talent a Defunct Concept? – Some would have you believe so but it’s more complex than that

Is divergent thinking valued in your gifted child’s classroom?

How parents can challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about giftedness: Have problems with para 3

Some teacher appreciation from Unwrapping the Gifted:

RT @Begabungs: Day 1 – Gifted Awareness Week in Germany 3rd-9th June 2013

Pros and cons of pull-out versus in-school enrichment:



The Matthew Effect in Educational Technology: (including an aside about identifying gifted learners)

RT @Begabungs: Interview with Prof. James Webb (USA)

Social Development of Gifted Children: – Highly recommended (because I agree with the analysis)

The Dichotomies of Giftedness:

RT @ljconrad: New post at Gifted Parenting Support, “Are You Nurturing Your Gifted Child?”

The Parent Challenge (NZGAW contribution from @Dazzlld and @Frazzlld):

@donnayford Hi Donna. Do you now advocate selection/ID solely on the basis of attainment? This made sense to me:

What to say to your gifted child about being gifted:

How best are the gifted lifted? Lots of common sense in this post:

24/7 Challenge (for NZ Gifted Awareness Week):

Debate on Ofsted’s Most Able Report has resonance in US and worldwide  – kudos to @ljconrad (and Tom Bennett)

Advocacy Versus Curriculum:

‘G is for Gifted and that’s good enough for me’:

RT @ljconrad: New post at GPS: “The High Ability – Gifted Conundrum”

The contribution that chess can make to gifted education (from NZGAW):

Stop underestimating children:

The gift of independent learning projects:

Is Your Child Ungifted? by @sbkaufman – Required reading for all gifted advocates:

RT @peter_lydon: Are you a gifted advocate? Add your name Find other tweeps

Choosing Your Battles (from NZGAW): – Messages for the NZ Government and Ministry of Education

Differentiating Homework for Gifted Students (from NZGAW):

Giftedness in our classrooms – removing the ceiling- an Iowa perspective:

My Gifted Education Soapbox:



Hochbegabtenforderung an Schulen mittels Blended Learning:

RT @jtoufi: Es posible un sistema educativo orientado al desarrollo del talento?

RT @jtoufi: Promover el talento en Europa: White paper from Austria

RT @jtoufi: Francoys Gagne en My Friends’ corner

Joseph Renzulli en My friends’ corner:

RT @jtoufi: Karen Rogers en My Friends’ corner

RT @jtoufi: Rena Subotnik, Paula Olszewski-Kubilius y Frank Worrell en My Friends’ corner

MT @jtoufi: Diane Montgomery en My Friends’ corner (that’s the English DM by the way)

RT @jtoufi: Que pasa en el mundo con la atencion al desarrollo de los más capaces?

RT @jtoufi: Es tiempo reconstruir la educacion que queremos: Talento, Escuela, Tecnologia

RT @jtoufi: Transforma Talento: un informe que hay que leer

RT @jtoufi: El Estado de la Nacion: o de como tomarse en serio el desarrollo del talento!

RT @jtoufi: Diferenciacion del curriculo y la instruccion. La NAGC nos lo cuenta




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