Gifted Phoenix Twitter Round-Up: Volume 10


Here, rather belatedly, is my latest review of @Gifted Phoenix Twitter activity.

The previous edition was published as long ago as 14 July, so this post covers over four months of activity.

I intend to publish approximately termly reviews henceforward – either three or four a year, depending on my level of industry (and Twitter activity) and your level of interest!

I have made some adjustments to reflect these new arrangements. Rather than attempt coverage of my entire Twitter feed, I have concentrated on drawing together material relevant to gifted education.

As far as wider education policy is concerned, I have included only those tweets that are pertinent to gifted education in England.

The review is organised as follows:

  • Global gifted education – I have divided this into two sub-sections, one covering the World Council’s activities, the other everything else.
  • Separate sections for Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australasia and Europe (other than the UK) respectively. The Americas is divided into three: Other Than USA, US National and US Local. The latter covers material relevant to states, cities, counties, gifted centres, universities and schools.
  • UK, again sub-divided into three: Gifted, Related Issues and Data.
  • Thematic, which also has three sub-sections: Twice Exceptional, Creativity and Innovation, Intelligence and Neuroscience.
  • Commentary, which is once more tripartite, containing subsections entitled Gifted Research, Academic/Gifted Education and Advocacy/Parents/General Interest.

I have exercised some discretion in placing tweets into categories. Some would fit in two or more different sections. Some of my categorisations, especially in the UK and Commentary sections, are also a little rough and ready.

The tweets in each section are organised so that linked material is together, but are otherwise in broadly chronological order. As ever, all the tweets are mine, though a handful are retweets or modified tweets originated by others.

The photographic accompaniment is also supplied by yours truly, collected on my last visit abroad. But where did I go?


Global Gifted Education


World Council/World Conference

WCGTC conference Auckland July 2013: earlybird registration for non-members falls NZ$ 174 to NZ$ 825 (£428)

The results of the 2012 International Chemistry Olympiad, just finished in Washington DC:

WCGTC is celebrating an International Week of Giftedness in August 2012 – and again in August 2013:

More about the WCGTC International Week of Giftedness:

More again about the WCGTC International Week of #Giftedness, which has its own hashtag #IWG2012:

The World Council Executive Committee (sans President) at their new HQ in Bowling Green Kentucky:

@wcgtc Do you support the African Council for Gifted and Talented as claimed here?

Breaking news: World Council 2013 Gifted Conference in New Zealand cancelled. Nothing here yet:

Nothing on the World Council site either about cancellation of the 2013 Conference in NZ:

NZ Gifted Conference 2013 scrapped due to lack of sponsorship; organisational differences with World Council:

World Council Gifted Conference has been cancelled at short notice for second time in succession

World Conference cancellation is a huge blow to NZ gifted education: – but it also begs questions …

With just 10 months before World Council conference runs, even US fallback locations will be hard to find:

Maybe the IRATDE Conference in Turkey could be rebranded as a joint World Council/IRATDE conference:

Look what I’ve found! Could the 2013 World Council Gifted Conference be moving to Dubai?

The site has now moved to a different URL: – Think this is the venue ICIE used in Dubai

WCGTC Conference 2013 has a byline and workshops (mostly Exec Committee members) but still no location

World council gifted conference in Kentucky USA as predicted  but Louisville rather than Bowling Green

World gifted conference dates moved to August 10-14. No other details on programme or host location:


Other Global

A timeline of developments and influential people in gifted education: – WARNING highly US-centric!

IRATDE’s 3rd International Conference on Talent Development and Excellence in Turkey, September 2013:

Review of and link to @gtchatmod’s webinar about #gtchat:

Did you know? #gtchat now has a blog! Sneak peek @  for chat summaries, links & news

Visit our new #gtchat Blog 4 chat summaries & news about upcoming chats at

IBO and World Academy of Sport offer a flexible Diploma to accommodate talented young sports stars:

The results from the 24th International Informatics Olympiad, just finished in Italy:

Facebook and Gifted Education listings: – thanks for including me!

Mensa for Kids is running an Excellence in Reading Award:

Mensa for Kids Reading Award booklist for Grades 9-12? – Curious. Would love to know the selection criteria

Pearson’s Project Blue Sky looks interestingly relevant to gifted learners:




More about sponsorship of Kenya’s gifted learners:

Messy end for an independent school for gifted learners in Kwa-Kulu Natal:

President Jonathan visits Jigawa State Academy for the Gifted, Nigeria: – background here




Other than USA

Caribbean Science Foundation is running a pan-Caribbean summer school for gifted students:

‘SO(bre)S(alientes Reloded’: The revival of a blog about gifted education in Mexico:

The Iberoamerican gifted education conference starts today in Buenos Aires Argentina:


US National

US NAGC view of the year ahead: Making a Difference with Small Actions:

Preview of US NAGC Convention in November:

Details of US NAGC’s Back to School Webinar Series (£):

Joy Lawson Davis has a place at the US NAGC Board of Directors’ table:

US NAGC’s Report on support for gifted disadvantaged learners: ttp:// – At first glance this looks rather pedestrian

Edweek on the NAGC report on gifted disadvantaged learners that I called pedestrian yesterday:

Will the National Association for Gifted Children’s (@NAGC) new paradigm be divisive?

Has Mariam Willis left US NAGC? Parenting High Potential Blog has been dormant for 3 months:

Unwrapping the Gifted’s report of Day 1 of the US NAGC convention:  – mostly Common Core

Excellent review of day 2 of the US NAGC Convention from Unwrapping the Gifted:

SENG’s National Parenting Gifted Week Blogtour details:

Catching up: the full roster of blog posts from the SENG National Parenting Gifted Children Week:

Update on SENG activities:

Article about the 2012 Davidson Fellows:

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation to dish out $500K annually for talent development: – 1st recipient Renzulli Academy

National Consortium of Early College Entrance Programs just met – but no insight here into proceedings

Feature on the iGifted School, a US-based non-profit provider of after school activities:

Welcome to Right Side of the Curve – a new US-based online gifted education community:

I see Tamara Fisher, author of the Unwrapping the Gifted Blog, has joined Twitter as @thethinkteacher :

US Government tracker says, optimistically, that Grassley’s gifted bill has 1% chance of enactment:

Passing reference to gifted learners in Obama’s Educational Excellence for African Americans initiative

Education Next feature on selective ‘exam schools’ in the US: and a comment on same:

Extended Washington Post article on development of maths as ‘competitive sport’ in the US:

Three reasons why Americans ignore gifted children:

This Dropout Nation post says US gifted education is a legacy ‘of racialist thinking’ and should be ditched:

A critical commentary on the Chester Finn piece about US neglect of gifted learners:

‘Solving America’s Math Problem’ through better differentiation including for top performers:

More Advanced Placement controversy: and and

The ‘Asianification’ of selective US high schools: – a selection issue as yet largely ignored here in the UK?

Worrall et al on minority gifted students: – fails to state firm principle that ability is evenly distributed

US Needs to Focus Its Educational Efforts on Talented Americans (@JonathanLWai):

‘The smartest kid in the room’ – another current state of US gifted education article:


US Local

First part of a critique of gifted education in the Southern states of the USA:

Second part of that blog post on being gifted in the Southern states of the USA:

Michigan educators worry whether the emphasis on gap-narrowing there will disadvantage gifted learners:

It’s Time to Respect Our Gifted and Talented Students – a Delaware USA perspective:

Minorities are under-represented in Virginia’s gifted education programmes:

Gifted jobs: Virginia Association for the Gifted requires a PT Executive Director: ($35-40K)

The scary state of gifted education in Ohio:

Gifted education issues in Ohio:

A state of the state report on gifted education in Oregon USA:  – the ‘quiet crisis’

Your  Member Newsletter: Gifted Education News from MCGATE

The Gifted: Left Behind? (in Montgomery County):

A view of gifted education from the Chicago suburbs:

Ethnic bias in admission to NYC’s selective high schools and efforts to rectify that via the DREAM programme:

Can opening up NYC selective high schools help poor kids?

James Borland lays into NYC’s gifted education programme, and with some justification:

Finn says selective high school admission in NYC needs reform but dislikes ‘disparate-impact analysis’

Why the Naglieri test won’t make admission to NYC’s gifted programme more equitable:

More on what’s wrong with gifted education in NYC:

Gifted education jobs: MIT seeks Assistant Director of Admissions to lead on recruitment of talented students:

Vanderbilt Programs for Talented Youth appoints new Director, though Stambaugh remains Executive Director:

Gifted jobs: William and Mary CFGE seeks Assistant Clinical Professor leading on publications/professional development

Belin Blank advertises its international credentials: and has updated its website

Belin Blank’s Colangelo is retiring imminently:

More about CTY’s Rural Connections Gifted Programme:

Looks like expansion at CTY given some of these new posts:

Gifted jobs: National Society for Gifted and Talented requires a Program Director based in Stamford CT USA:

CTD’s Summer 2012 newsletter on implications for gifted students of the Common Core:

September News from the Gifted Development Center:

Jonathan Plucker – the excellence gap expert – has moved to UConn’s Neag School of Education: Jefferson HS in the US is being sued over non-admission of gifted Black and Latino students:

Interview with the Director of the Institute for Talent Development at Northern Kentucky University:

Gifted jobs: Western Kentucky University requires an Assistant Professor with gifted education emphasis:

You can only be Professor of Gifted Education at Whitworth University if you’re a committed Christian

Gifted education jobs: Notre Dame of Maryland University seeks a specialist Assistant Professor:

Thomas Jefferson High School and the Search for Equity in the Nation’s Schools:

A bunch of Thomas Jefferson students have launched a social learning start-up:




More from the opening ceremony of the Asia-Pacific Conference:

Malaysian 1st Lady’s remarks at Asian-Pacific Gifted Conference More on her involvement

Plug pulled on eagerly awaited gifted classes in China (Anhui province):

Mensa China’s chair joined ‘to land an intelligent boyfriend’: – old one couldn’t understand her jokes

S Korea, US and China lead the medals table at the 2012 International Maths Olympiad. This report from Vietnam

A useful outline of gifted education in Vietnam and other ASEAN countries by Kim Ngoc Minh:

Funding problems for gifted schools in Vietnam

Wow. Vietnam invests US$20m to improve quality of gifted education in rural and disadvantaged areas:

Singapore’s Gifted Education Programme (GEP) cracks down on questionable private tuition providers:

Outstanding Performance by Singapore at the 2012 International Science Competitions

A documentary and review about Singapore’s Gifted Education Programme (GEP):

Thoughts on gifted education in Singapore:

Interesting Singaporean parental view: ‘Let’s not hold back children who are gifted’:

A brief but fascinating insight into gifted education in North Korea:

An article on recent developments in Malaysia’s Permata Pintar gifted programme: (via @noorsyakina)

Looks like Malaysia plans significant further steps in its national strategy for gifted education:

Here’s that Malaysian Education Blueprint Document – plans for gifted education are on pp116-117:

Commentary on Malaysia’s new plans for gifted education:

Brief report on gifted education in Sarawak, Malaysia:

Malaysian DPM seems to be inviting international efforts to contribute to Malaysian gifted education:

A slightly different take on what the Malaysian DPM said yesterday about #gifted education:

Teach For Pakistan is launching the Pakistan Talent fund, an annual competition for talented young Pakistanis

Cramming is now less virulent in Taiwan because it has so many (some would say too many) universities:

A senior Filipino politician proposes a Bill to support gifted learners and those with special needs

Filipino House of Representatives passes Bill establishing local resource centres for gifted and SEN learners

Iran’s Ayatollah engages with the country’s gifted young people: – I find this rather disturbing

It’s the 55th anniversary of the Abai Kazakh Language and Literature Residential School for Gifted Children!

Arab Bureau of Education argues for Gulf-wide collaboration in gifted education: – Too many rivalries?

The Saudis have been to check out Gatton and WKU – Minister to follow in January:

Dhool Ke Phool – Neat Indian talent development model that blends X-Factor and support for most disadvantaged:



A mixed picture of threats and opportunities in NZ gifted education:

New Zealand’s undertaking a new national survey of gifted education More use than a dodgy Sutton Trust report

The latest edition of giftEDnewz from new Zealand:

Revised, updated version of New Zealand’s handbook on Meeting Needs of Gifted Students has been published at

The NZ Ministry of Education Gifted Handbook in alternative format (for those having trouble with the PDF):

Media coverage of release of updated NZ Handbook on Meeting the Needs of Gifted Students:

NZ Education Gazette article on revised NZ Gifted Education Handbook: – memorably calls one author ‘Roger Molten’

NZ Journal of Gifted Education Vol 17.1, featuring some gifEDnz conference papers:

Evidence of increased focus on Maori giftedness in New Zealand:

To be gifted and Maori:

Some support from NZ’s Labour Party for gifted education there:

Item about NZ’s Future U competition for gifted young thought leaders:

New NZ site on mentoring in gifted education: – developed as a student project

An insight into gifted professional development activity underway in New Zealand:

Gifted Resources August newsletter can be read online at

Gifted Resources Newsletter August (vol 2):

Gifted Resources September newsletter can be read online at

Gifted Resources October newsletter online at

A second October Gifted Resources newsletter can be read at

November 2012 Gifted Resources Newsletter from @jofrei

A new article by the Chair of the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into gifted education:

A post by @jofrei on the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into gifted education:



Javier Touron blogs (in Spanish) about the imminent ECHA12 Conference:

Christian Fischer article ahead of ECHA12 in Die Welt (in German):

Interview with Peter Csermely mentioning European Centre of Talent Support:

Mission statement for the European Talent Centre:

Elsewhere on the gifted conference front, I can find out nothing more about the mysterious Polish event:

…Except that there is now a satellite event for East European experts in Hungary a few days later:

Details arrive of the Polish Gifted Conference, just under a week before it happens! Here’s the Programme:

@tanzania8 will present in Poland on UK good practice: Could you live tweet and share presentations Margaret?

Sweet FA from the Warsaw gifted conference. No presentations or tweets. All there is (in Polish):

Information about ECHA 2014:

Our Slovenian colleagues are to be congratulated on setting up an ECHA2014 Forum: – open registration

Smart Kids, Bad Schools – A Norwegian perspective (courtesy of Krumelurebloggen):

Irish Times piece on How to Make a Modern Superhero – mentions CTYI:

The autobiography of a gifted counsellor with Romania’s IRSCA Gifted Education Programme:

TES reports on a Finnish teacher’s book alleging that gifted students’ needs are neglected there:

Description of UYEF, the ‘Federation of Gifted Children Education’ in Turkey:

Article about the Enderun, an Ottoman school for the gifted (15th to 19th century):

CTYI students report on the CTYI experience:

Gifted education in Malta:

Los ninos de alta capacidad son el 3-5% de la poblacion?

Aqui­ esta la nueva entrada. Espero que is interese

Aqui­ estan las 10 claves para hablar de la identificacion. Saludos

Sobre la identificacion de los mes capaces

Cuantos alumnos de Alta Capacidad hay en Espana? Unas cifras para la reflexion via @jtoufi  rendimiento en PISA y talento.

Una Vision Grafica Del Rendimiento en PISA 2003, 2006 y 2009 (from @jtoufi ):

National Report on Identification. oy si aprendemos de los demos?

La excelencia nacional. Un informe interesante.

Los instrumentos de medida en la identificacion






Sutton Trust report on educating highly able pupils-but does it cut the mustard?

Ian Warwick’s dissects Sutton Trust Highly Able Report:  – Been there, done that already:

Summary of Sutton Trust Highly Able research: – rather spoiled by an inaccurate commentary at the end

@EducationElf I fear there is bias and misinformation in your commentary on Sutton Trust Highly Able research:

Apropos the IMO, here are the UK results from the 2012 Olympiad, because they won’t get reported here:

Good luck to Team UK, heading to Germany to compete in the International Geography Olympiad!

Arts Council PN confirming Sadlers Wells will run the new National Youth Dance Company for 16-19 year-olds:

LSU gifted education professor addressing Oxford Round Table event on Talent Development of Olympic Athlete:

Indy Leader uses the G word of sportspeople with zero embarrassment: – Linguistic discrimination

Martin Stephen pleads for the Olympic investment to be extended to our academically gifted learners too:

Meanwhile the Mail produces its annual ‘zoo exhibit’ story about a gifted child So predictable; so depressing

Does the British culture celebrate mediocrity and penalise success? Gifted education is part of the solution

Evidence of the huge variation in schools’ capability to support their highest attainers:

Article summarising Mujis research on the relative success of sixth form colleges in securing top A level grades:

UCAS Chief floats 1-10 A level grading with 9 and 10 pitched above A* to raise ceiling for gifted learners:

Gifted learners need flexibility within curriculum frameworks that tie learning to specific year groups:

Inter alia IFS notes case for action to narrow the excellence gap between poor and other gifted learners

New IPPR Report on Closing the Attainment Gap Notices the gap at top grades p16, but doesn’t really address it

Feedback link on DfE’s Dux awards page contains no feedback; Schools Network link’s moribund; no link yet to GT Voice:

Milburn’s Report lays into the Dux Scheme: (p 38) – that won’t please DfE

Of course independent heads will support Open Access if Government pays: But it’s politically rash and too expensive

Lampl’s still pushing open access – His other suggestion on fair access to grammar schools is more of a runner

Lampl wants Government to stump up 100s of £m to denude state schools of their most able pupils. Idiotic:

Apply between 7 and 30 September to be a Specialist Leader of Education with expertise in highly able pupils:

How seriously does England take education of its most able?  On PISA high achiever data (my analysis included)

Farewell then Mike Baker, a friend of gifted education:

Ian Warwick on KS2 Level 6ness: – Level 6 is of course slated to disappear by September 2014

More from Ian Warwick on ‘level 6ness’: – a concept with a very limited shelf-life

Moynihan says Government sports strategy fails to support talent identification or progression to elite sport:

Need to see detail of London Mayoral Gold Club of schools ‘to stretch the brightest pupils’ – what will it do?

Wall to Wall is preparing a Child Genius Show:

Why Do We Underestimate Our Most Able Pupils?  – Agree in spades with the final section!

Lampl still flogging his Open Access dead horse:  – Only a crazy or desperate party would add it to their 2015 Manifesto

Richard Garner in the Independent supports Lampl’s Open Access scheme Government and Opposition more sensible!

Oral PQ reply on steps taken by Government to improve attainment of most able pupils in maths: (Col 14)

Truss’s argument for investment in intellectual capital goes beyond STEM: it’s the case for gifted education:

Truss maths speech also cites lack of gifted young mathematicians Concerted strategy is needed to change that

It’s a small victory that this DfE press notice cites the disparity in high attainers’ PISA outcomes in maths:

Arts Council is to pilot a Music Industry Talent Development Fund:

Gender imbalance revealed in Cambridge Chemistry Challenge:

UK’s It’s Alright to be Bright Week is scheduled for 20-27 October 2012, details to follow:

On Giftedness and ‘It’s alright to be Bright!’- The UK celebrates a 2012 Gifted Awareness Week!-

It’s Alright to Be Bright Week is well underway:

I kid you not, GT Voice Board member Jonny Ball is to be a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing:

Apart from me all this lot still serve: – The item on my resignation has vanished – must repost

GTVoice Bulletin for October 2012:

Take the gtvoice survey:

I see Warwick University/IGGY’s offering scholarships for 2 gifted education PhDs (but they’re still in my bad books)

IGGY revitalisation press notice: – Targets to ‘reach’ 15K students in 1 year; 50K in 3 years (ie not members)

@iggywarwick: The beta version of our new website  Let us know what you think!

IGGY’s not new, dating from 2007. Useful resource, but won’t alone secure quality gifted education in schools

Jimmy Saville’s MENSA membership is quietly expunged. Compare 2010 FAQ: with new version:

I don’t want to labour the Savile/Mensa connection, but someone shelled out £160 for his Mensa scarf and tie:



Related Issues

More on Cambridge and contextualised admission: – Does it all boil down to confusion between ability and attainment?

Apparently a 5.3% rise in state school admissions to Cambridge, but I can’t find the source:

Peter Wilby suggests imposing a version of the Texas 10% model on Oxbridge: Right principles but details awry

Do you ever read a newspaper story and think ‘I told you so’: – impact of stalling A level grades on AAB grade HE entry

More evidence that AAB recruitment didn’t work out exactly as it should have done for many selective universities:

Higher report says A level students with AAB grades were projected to increase by 4000 but numbers stayed unchanged:

Statistically I’m unclear why a bigger cohort increases A level pass rate but reduces proportion of top grades

Here comes the ABacc: – basically ‘gold standard’ A level with choice limited, plus academic/service learning bolt-ons

KS5 performance tables already have A level AAB+, RG/Oxbridge destination indicator from 2013 – now ABacc measure too?

Interesting Ofqual research on comparative A level stretch and challenge: – though definition’s a tad basic

Cambridge’s post-16 maths project: – is actually £2.8m to strengthen NRich so nothing to do with A level reform

Why We Need Olympic-style Maths Academies: Forgets there’s funding for a tranche of 16-19 maths free schools

TES reports results of AQA further maths certificate offering A* with distinction:  – see

It won’t be straightforward to add top-end stretch and simultaneously eliminate tiering from a single son-of-GCSE exam:

Son of GCSE to be graded with 1-6 (7 a fail) with 5-10% limit on grade 1 (norm or criterion-referenced unclear):

If only the percentage achieving the top EBC grade is fixed that discriminates unfairly against high attainers

The brakes will be applied to GCSE results as well as A levels: Disproportionate impact on top grades again?

Thankful for small mercies? It seems that O level mark 2 will be takeable in Spring 2016 after one year of study

EBC consultation document shows early entry in core subjects will be impossible in 2016 after all (para 1.4):

Blistering attack on EBC proposals, including idea of a cap on percentage achieving top (all?) grades:

Irresponsible early entry reporting – Can be right for gifted learners but only those secure in A*/A should be entered

Wilshaw’s comments on early entry to GCSE pre-empt a report to be published shortly. Ofsted press notice at:

The Mail and Smithers should temper their enthusiasm for GS until they see FSM pupils’ HE destinations data next year

Answer to the question of how to make grammar schools more socially inclusive isn’t necessarily more grammar schools:

Doubt Brady will ever get new 11+ grammars into a Tory Manifesto, but that doesn’t stop him endlessly trying:

Graham Brady is in broken record mode about grammar schools – has nothing new to say:

Redwood on selection:  – Presumably Brady and Daley contributions come later

Kent is looking for a ‘less coachable’ 11 plus test: – but less coachable is still coachable. Half measures.

Why would you set up a determinedly mixed ability free school and still select 10% of pupils by aptitude? Contradictory

Ministerial statement on the Olympic sporting legacy: (Col 36WS): a bit thin on school PE where ‘more needs to be done’

Nrich has had a makeover:

Sutton Trust press notice accompanying the report of their recent Social Mobility Summit:

Hodgson and Spours on ‘squeezed middle’ in the attainment spectrum: – Is Government overly focused on top 30%?

Barber IPPR essay fails to recognise how Asian Tiger gifted programmes help drive achievement AND innovation



330 of 2164 schools and colleges sent no pupils to RG universities in 2009/10; 1395 sent none to Oxbridge:

Slight increase in Cambridge applications; slight fall in Oxford applications – doesn’t tell us much:

Percentage of students achieving 3+ A levels at A*/A fell from 13.1% to 12.5% (Table 1b):

In 2011/12, 33,154 students gained 3+ A*/A grades at A level:  (Col 200W)

Overall UK GCSE results: A* grades down 0.5% on 2011; A*/A grades down 0.8% on 2011; A*-C grades down 0.4% on 2011:

Percentage of pupils making 3 levels of progress from KS2-4 increased by 3.7% in maths but decreased by 4.2% in English

23.3% of pupils achieving KS2 L5 in English failed to make 3 levels of progress by KS4: (Table 1d)

20.4% of pupils achieving KS2 L5 in maths failed to make 3 levels of progress by KS4: (Table 1d)

23.3% of pupils achieving KS2 L5 in English failed to make 3 levels of progress by KS4: (Table 1d)

2012 Performance Tables to show AAB A level grades but not KS2 L6 results (but L6 counts in progress measures)

KS2 SFR shows that in 2012 11% of those achieving L3 in KS1maths managed only 1 level  level of progress to L4

But KS2 SFR also shows that 14% of those achieving L3 in KS1 maths achieved L6 at KS2:

KS2 SFR shows that in 2012, 16% of those achieving L3 in KS1 English managed only one level of progress to L4:

KS2 SFR shows that around 900 pupils achieved L6 in reading and  3% achieved L6 in maths:

KS2 SFR shows L5 maths up from 35% to 39% in 2012, a significant increase on the previous 3 years:

KS2 SFR shows L5 reading up from 43% to 48%, restoring most of a big 7% dip in 2011:

KS1 SFR shows much bigger FSM gaps at L3 than at L2 across all of reading, writing, maths and science:

KS1 SFR shows 1% increases in L3 TA in Reading, writing, S&L, science and 2% increase in L3 TA in maths






Great blogpost on being twice-exceptional: – Required reading for a certain Ms Teather I would suggest

Twice Exceptional Newsletter 26 July 2012:

Twice Exceptional Newsletter 13 August 2012:

Twice-exceptional Newsletter 4 September 2012:


Creativity and Innovation

The tension between schooling and creativity from a gifted perspective:

How lucid dreaming can support creativity and innovation:

10 Suggestions for Raising Creative Kids: – I would personally omit number 6!

Identifying the Creative Child in the Classroom:

Informative extended article on creativity (especially musical creativity) and the brain:

Creativity and Chaos:

Does social rejection fuel creativity? – Low need for conformity; high need for uniqueness. Recognise that profile!

Interesting article on the components of creativity:

Creativity and IQ – what is divergent thinking and how is it helped by sleep, humour and alcohol:

Another version of the constituents of creativity:

Maybe Gifted Underachievers are More Creative:

Grounding Creative Giftedness in the Body, from @sbkaufman


Intelligence and Neuroscience

How do cognitive abilities change over the lifespan? Number sense as an exemplar:

Short Time article on recent ‘genes for learning’ studies:

The (limited) contribution of brain imaging to distinguishing intelligence:

Intensive practice in reasoning skills can change the brain – Does tuition have a value beyond mere rehearsal?

On whether neuroscience supports free will or determinism:  (warning: you may need to read this 7 times)

How early social deprivation impairs long-term cognitive function:

Are great leaders born or made? Do they need intelligence and creativity?

Evidence that adult brain structure changes as a consequence of learning:

Cogmed working memory training: does the evidence support the claims?

The relationship between genes and intelligence is still far from understood:

Another piece on the relationship between genes and intelligence:

More from Willingham on working memory training:

The prevalence of ‘neuromyths’ amongst UK and Dutch teachers:

Why social and mechanical reasoning are mutually inhibiting:

Perfect Saturday reading – an academic paper about Einstein’s brain:





Gifted Research

Seeking participants for research on gifted kids and their hobbies

The impact of genes on athletic performance: – a brief review of research evidence

Algebra for All Harmed High Achievers, Study Finds:

Working paper on Conscientiousness, Education and Longevity of High Ability Individuals by Peter Savelyev:

The value of deliberate practice (as opposed to practice per se) in achieving (musical) excellence:

The impact of self-regulated learning (from Ericcson’s expert performance perspective): (via @sbkaufman)

Top Maths Achievers Spread Unevenly Across Schools – Ed Week report on a (£) academic paper:

Review of a recent French book by Lignier – A Sociology of Gifted Children:

Gifted and Talented International edition with Persson’s article on cultural bias in research and responses:

@JonathanLWai on a (£) Gifted Child Quarterly edition devoted to responses to that Subotnik et al article:

You can access Subotnik’s target article free but these Gifted Child Quarterly responses are sadly $20 a time:

The Entire “Rethinking Giftedness” Debate – from Gifted Child Quarterly

Thanks to @sbkaufman for publishing the full Gifted Child Quarterly edition on Subotnik et al’s paper:

A critical Koshy paper on English primary gifted education which, on a quick skim, is very curate’s eggy:


Academic/Gifted Education

A gender dimension to the Flynn effect? Mr F promotes his new book:

Interview with James Flynn: and his article in Wall St Journal:

An interview with June Maker, speaking at the Asia-Pacific Conference:

The concept of Optimum Intelligence – and what happens when you’re outside those boundaries:

Some complex thinking aloud about distinctions between high IQ and genius: – don’t think it’s that simple!

An interview with @sbkaufman

A restatement of the nature/nurture balance in development of genius:

If expertise has such limitations does that undermine gifted education theories predicated on its development?

The changing nature of expertise: – has implications for expertise-in-development models of gifted education

Feature on Olympic talent development based on work by Rita Culross at LSU:

CTD at Northwestern on flipped classrooms:

Belin Blank’s Colangelo on high attaining learners’ progression to teaching as a career:

Part 5 of Belle Wallace’s gifted blog on developing a problem-solving pedagogy

Final Belle Wallace article in series of 6, on ‘Whole Brain Based Learning’: – not sure this one quite works

Nine ‘research-supported facts’ about gifted education: – some are contestable though…

The relative impacts of harmonious and obsessive passion on performance:

The relationship between ability and motivation:

Learners need  knowledge as well as resilience. More commentary on Tough’s book:

A bit more follow-up on the Paul Tough book:

Hirsch on Tough:

Even more ‘true grit’ (and its impact on student achievement):

I thoroughly commend this blog post about a gifted driven model of teaching and learning by @headguruteacher

Interesting post incorporating Sternberg presentation on assessing creativity, common sense and wisdom

Review of Finn and Hockett’s ‘Exam Schools’ and the merits of balancing excellence and equity:

Another review of the Exam Schools book:

From the Curry School of Education Blog – I share this perspective on social and emotional needs

Camilla Benbow gifted education article:  (I reckon she has the best name in gifted ed btw)

The Pesky Persistence of Labels from @sbkaufman

Duke TIP blogpost on academic self-concept:

Q. What can we learn from international best practice in gifted education?: – A. Much from careful scrutiny

Paula O-K takes a sensible middle way on social and emotional dimensions of giftedness:

Links between child prodigies and autism (summary):

Impact of openness to experience on cognitive ability:

In which Brink Lindsay, author of Human Capitalism fails to take on board the Smart Fraction argument:

Everything you ever needed to know about prodigiousness (and more):

Restatement of an old question – do objective standards (of excellence) exist in the arts?

Long Subotnik et al article in Scientific American: – the eminence trajectory remains the weak link

10 Lessons on Gifted Education – Part 1 (by @RichardCash)

Valentine Cawley argues that gifted people suffer as a consequence of the Dunning-Kruger effect:

The arguments for and against detracking:

WCGTC 2013 Conference post on highly proficient readers:

World Conference 2013 blog on Technology: – High time for gifted educators to enter the 21st Century

@ByrdseedGifted proffers an example of a ‘fuzzy problem’ for gifted learners:

How black gifted students are ‘living between two races’:

Catching up: Mainstreaming effective gifted education practices:

More ways to use Twitter in gifted education:



Advocacy/Parents/General Interest

Nicole Kidman – a Brief Profile of High Ability and Complexity:

Are we doing enough to support the parents of gifted children?

More valuable advice about parenting a gifted child:

Everyday Glimpses of Giftedness:

Catching up: ‘why is my gifted child so anxious all the time’:  (causation/correlation health warning)

Catching up: a blog post on gifted labelling:

What should we do about gifted and talented pupils? Do they exist? New blog post

Catching up: The Smartest 1%: Do Americans Value Intelligence?

Catching up: Advocacy Groups for Parents of Gifted Learners:

50 Essential Links for the Parents of Gifted Children  Has transformed the very English Gifted Phoenix to Kiwi! (no 28)

Catching up: Gas station without pumps cocks a snook at National Parenting Gifted Children Week:

Catching up: A post about Raising Gifted Children:

Pondering the Olympics from a gifted perspective:

Why Gifted Teens Should be Sponges Not Spongers:

Wouldn’t it be Weirder if I Didn’t Think my Child was Gifted?

Blog post on The Value of Exclusive Gifted Programmes:

Why Are All the Smart Kids Cheating (an inaccurate headline but worth reading anyway):

US comparison of academic v sporting success Raises big questions about support for elite academic performance

A comparison of gifted education and varsity athletics:

All kinds of smart: applying lessons from the Olympics:

Online education for gifted homeschoolers:

Sibling rivalry: Blog post – Life Among the Gifted

The Talent Myth:

Ideas on the causes of negativity towards gifted learners and gifted education:

Insights into gifted adults in the workplace:

Raising the floor but neglecting the ceiling:

Daniel Coyle offers some tips on talent development:

Courtesy of @sbkaufman the correlation between national chocolate consumption and number of nobel prizewinners

Bullying and the Gifted:

An article advocating IQ testing of gifted children:

A contrary view about the value of IQ testing:

Strategies for helping gifted children back to school:

How does one discuss giftedness with a gifted learner?

New post on Gifted Resources blog: virtually attending the ECHA conference

Can’t find a school for your gifted child? Start your own:

Grades and gifted learners

Young gifted and neglected:

Gifted Exchange on tuition for tests giving entry to gifted education programmes: – a can of worms

Do teenage gifted writers have sufficient opportunity to engage their imagination in school?

From the editor of Concord Review: why are we afraid to show off our brightest students?

Withholding appropriate education from a gifted child is educational neglect:

Against Accelerating the Gifted Child:

In which I respond to nearly 200 @NYTMotherlode comments re: acceleration in gifted education:

The advantages of acceleration:

Inductive learning for gifted students:

Things I’ve Learned About Parenting a Gifted Child:

The Highly Distracted Gifted Child:

A Prezi on Talent Identification and Development in Sport:

Universal Traits of Giftedness – – there are of course no such thing!

Leave gifted children alone: – I think he actually opposes hothousing rather than support

The 2 worst words in gifted education, parts 1 – – and 2 –

How to Recognise the Parent of a Gifted Child:

Stacie says ‘Shut up about what a burden your gifted child is’:

Holding back gifted learners:

Differentiating between gifted and high-achieving students:  – Better imho to treat latter as subset of former

Is there an emotional intelligence equivalent of the Flynn Effect?

Ten myths about gifted students and programmes for the gifted:

New post at GPS, “Just My Imagination”

New post at Gifted Parenting Support, “Accentuate the Positive”

New post at GPS, “Supporting Your Child’s Gifted Teacher”:

New post @GPS, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting? The Unexpected”

New post on GPS, “Nurturing the Global Nature of Giftedness”

Check out our latest gtchat blog post on the ECHA12 Symposium @  – Thanks Lisa!

‘Is there a place at table for parents’? from Gifted Parenting Support:

New Gifted Parenting Support post from @ljconrad  on standardisation:

New post on our #gtchat Blog, “The Middle School Years”

Gifted Resources Blog post about #gtchat

Couldn’t make #gtchat this week? Check out our blog  for  summary & links!

Missed Friday’s #gtchat ? ‘Collaboration, Not Confrontation” Transcripts:

Giftedness as a Special Educational Need, chat transcript:

Transcripts of the last 2 #gtchats with guests van Gemert and Housand respectively: and

Transcript of yesterday’s #gtie chat on gifted education research: – Thanks so much for referencing my blog!

Transcript from tonight’s chat, Essential Websites on Giftedness:  (and thanks for the reference)

Transcript of When Parents Push Too Hard

Some #IWG2012 blog posts: and and and

Another selection of #IWG12 posts: and  and and

A 3rd selection of #IWG12 blogposts and  and and

A further selection of #IWG12 blog posts: and and

A 5th set of #IWG12 blog posts: and and and

Today’s selection of #IWG12 posts: and  and and

Couldn’t fit these #IWG12 posts into the last round-up: and

Sunday’s batch of #IWG12 posts: and and and

….and one last one:

A final (?) #IWG12 post: and one that perhaps should have been:



November 2012


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