Gifted Phoenix Twitter Round-up Volume 8

Here is my eighth monthly review of @GiftedPhoenix Twitter activity, covering the period from 9 May to 7 June 2012 inclusive.

My Twitter feed is almost exclusively dedicated to gifted education, wider English education policy and associated topics. These reviews provide a fairly comprehensive record, including virtually every Tweet that contains a link to an online resource. Apologies if any of the links are broken.

It feels as though the organisation of the record is now fairly settled. I have retained three sections on:

  • Gifted Education Worldwide, with sub-sections for each of the five continents and, separately, for the UK;
  • Gifted Education: Thematic, with sub-sections for Twice-exceptional; Creativity and Innovation, Intelligence and Neuroscience; and, finally, Commentary and Research;
  • Related Educational Issues, concerned almost exclusively with developments in England and divided into several thematic subsections. There is some material of interest to gifted educators but this section also extends into wider areas of domestic education policy.

As ever, this is all my own work, though I have included a few modified tweets and retweets of originals sent by others. I have removed addresses and hashtags – except where these are integral to the tweet – and corrected a few typos. Otherwise this is a true record of proceedings.

The pictorial accompaniment on this occasion is provided by miscellaneous turtles and birds.


Gifted Education Worldwide

We really need an international summit on support for high-ability disadvantaged learners:

Call for Proposals for 2013 World Gifted Conference is now open:

Gift Rap Newsletter June 2012:



A call for support for gifted learners from Rwanda:



NAEP 2011 science report card: ‘scores higher than in 2009 for all but the highest-performing students'(p5):

Focus: Low income learners with Promising Potential – on upcoming NAGC research summit

Not sure if this CEC/NAGC rebuttal to elimination of Javits is a new document. Thought I should post it anyway

Nice article by @anniemurphypaul mentions @DukeTIP: what schools can learn from summer camps

Non-subscribers can now read the full Ed Week article: Gifted Programs Aim to Regain Budget Toehold:

Nova Scotia is holding a Gifted Education Summit starting tomorrow:

There’s a strong focus on personalisation in the new Race to the Top criteria:

US NAGC’s National Summit on support for disadvantaged high-ability learners starts today: We need one too!

Follow US NAGC National Summit on Low-Income, High-Ability learners at #giftedsummit

EdWeek piece on US NAGC’s national #giftedsummit on disadvantaged gifted learners

Thomas Jefferson High School, STEM powerhouse, has apparently dumbed down its admission arrangements:

That National Society for Gifted/College Board deal for a SAT test in a summer school is causing complaints:

College Board now says Summer SAT at Amherst is pilot to evaluate the feasibility of such provision:

Row continues over College Board’s ‘pilot’ Summer SAT at a Society for the Gifted and Talented Summer School

College Board withdraws from its ill-judged Summer SAT deal with National Society for Gifted and Talented:

The ill-fated Summer SAT pilot wasn’t properly cleared by College Board senior management:



Sri Lanka Daily News Editorial covers National Schools admissions reform to assist gifted disadvantaged students:

Intense competition to enter Vietnam’s schools for the gifted:

‘People-founded’ schools offer competition to Vietnamese schools for the gifted

Israel has opened a new school for the gifted in Beer Sheva: – Half the funding is from a Montreal couple

Singapore’s education system pursues creativity:



New Zealand has produced a gifted students’ Needs Analysis Questionnaire drawing on England’s former practice

Gifted through our eyes, by guest blogger Tracy Riley:

Gifted Resources June newsletter and Winter Holiday programs news can be read online at

Celebrate NZ Gifted Awareness Week June 18-24 2012:

Join me on the 2012 NZ Gifted Awareness Week blog tour:

giftEDnz Newsletter Volume 4 Issue 2:



The fissure within the Leonardo Foundation, supporting Netherlands gifted education, is made public (in Dutch)

HB onderwijs Nederland:  Looks like the outcome of the schism in Leonardo? Follow @HBonderwijsNL

@DorienKok is now curating HB onderwijs Nieuws on  for followers of gifted education in Netherlands

Dag van de Hoogbegaafdheid as zaterdag

Innreach celebrates Dutch Day of the Gifted:   Meanwhile, the whenabouts of EU Talent Day 2012 is a mystery

Stortingsmelding 22 og ‘De hoyt presterende elevene’ (in Norwegian):

More from the excellent Krumelurebloggen: a gifted education question in the Norwegian Parliament on 16 May:

As recommended by Krumelurebloggen: a website containing Norwegian gifted education resources:

Some Swedish gifted education websites and articles (commentary in Norwegian): – courtesy of Krumelurebloggen

La politica educativa tiene algo que decir (1/4) Hablando a la Comision de Educacion

Los cuestionarios de Rogers para la nominacion de los mas capaces. Padres y Profesores

Como te gusta aprender? Cual es tu actitud hacia la escuela y las materias?

Courtesy of @Begabungs I bring you an interview with Albert Ziegler in Turkish! – Real Tower of Babel stuff!

An article on gifted education that briefly references Portugal and Russia plus opinion from a Yale academic:

Belarus President Lukashenko promises renewed efforts to improve gifted education:



Useful background on school debating activities and competitions:

Well blow me down! They’ve gone and published the Wilshaw speech and it refers to ‘stretch[ing] the most able’

One might read this endorsement of Hunt’s patronage of The School Games as damnation with faint praise perhaps?:

Templeton funds Centre of Character and Values at Birmingham University  He does gifted too. £1m for GT Voice would do

BIS is promoting the IPO’s Cracking Ideas Competition:  to find Britain’s young innovators

Lampl recognises we need to improve provision for gifted learners in state schools, but it’s an afterthought:

Celebrating effective gifted education practice: Well done Burgate School English Department:

IGGY is running a global gifted education conference in July

IGGY Global and Gifted Conference 4 July:  – Rather idiosyncratic line-up that’s not in the least bit global

GTvoice Bulletin for May 2012:

Tony Sewell on involvement of university STEM departments with gifted students:

Parent complains at lack of gifted education support in Telford and Wrekin:

@dpothin a Brazilian teacher in England is reading Eyre’s Curriculum Provision for the G&T in Primary School:

Gifted jobs: Student Talent Spotting Officer advertised at University of Leeds: £24-29K

About half-way towards sourcing online and uploading all key English national gifted education documents here

New and existing gtvoice members are cordially invited to register on our new website: So go and get connecting!

Registration’s open on our new gtvoice website, designed on social media principles. Come and give it a test drive!

Stralsund Aquarium 2009 courtesy of Gifted Phoenix

Gifted Education Thematic


Response to SEN Green Paper today Personal budgets and an uncertain future for twice-exceptional learners

Nothing on Dual/Multiple Exceptionality in SEN Green Paper response: Possible focus for a special free school?

Twice-Exceptional Newsletter 25 May 2012:

Twice Exceptional Newsletter 29 May 2012:


Creativity and Innovation

Christopher Chabris’  reply to Jonah Lehrer’s reply to his NYT review of ‘Imagine’

Creativity requires preparation and persistence


Intelligence and Neuroscience

‘Infusion of amino acids isn’t necessary…for students in good health’ (Chief physician Chinese nutrition society):

China: ‘State grants a 10-yuan subsidy for amino acids to each graduating senior’ taking the gao kao:

Learn something new – your brain will thank you

Willingham – – summarises Nisbett et al on latest intelligence research:

Does Personal Intelligence Exist by Mayer, Panter, Caruso (courtesy of @sbkaufman) –

Do you need intelligence to be successful?

No evidence of intelligence improvement after working memory training – a randomised  placebo-controlled study

Edweek on brain plasticity:


Commentary and Research

Twitter for Gifted Education Support and Information:

Transcript for last night’s #gtie “Gifted Children and Boredom”

Just what is gifted and talented: – Curate’s egg

Still a Square Peg and a Round Hole:

Moving Beyond Achievement: Nurturing Skills Necessary for Success in a Global Environment:

New blog post on acceleration for gifted

More on multipotentiality:

Gifted Education: A Dilemma: should gifted programmes foster humility?

How building talent can turn an economy round:

‘High Learning Potential’ what does it mean?…

Part 2 of the Belle Wallace hexalogy – this part on diagnosing multiple abilities: The Common Core and gifted education:

On gifted children versus gifted education (unified in gifted development?) (There’s still the G word though)

WORLD GIFTED 2013: Reflective Practice – Welcome Elaine!

Roeper School news release on the death of Annemarie Roeper:

Kantengerber on Delisle on Olszewski-Kubilius on US NAGC on talent development:

More about test anxiety in gifted learners:

Parents of Gifted: 10 Ways Parents of gifted can help their teens: continued

I support @MaryStGeorge ‘s plea for inclusion of high achievers in gifted community: so no ‘whiff of elitism’

Gas Station Without Pumps on online courses:  and AP for talent development:

InnReach Shares: On Giftedness and liking…Physics

A post questioning if there are 2-way benefits to peer learning between students of higher and lower ability

House must be part of eternal play v learning early years debate. Holding back gifted learners is anathema:

I don’t know whether Carol Ann Tomlinson’s work would be relevant? US focus obviously

Wondering if you’d also be interested in cluster grouping approaches:

How to help Gifted Children?- An Interview withKaren  B. Rogers

Thinking more deeply about how I nurture and teach students who demonstrate giftedness:

None of us lives up to our potential – a thought-provoking post from the Deep End:

Stereotype threat and growth mindset: does it matter if we’re lying to students?

Erin is preparing to ‘dive headfirst into a huge project’ in gifted education. She explains why here:

Parents of Gifted: 2. 10 ways parents can support gifted learners

Transcript of today’s gtchat on global gifted programmes is up at

Ruegen Goose courtesy of Gifted Phoenix

Related Educational Issues


Fair Access to HE

US investment in Upward Bound supporting progression to HE by disadvantaged young people:

Will Clegg’s social mobility blitz show any progress against DfE’s own impact indicator: FSM progression to RG/Oxbridge?

Why didn’t Gove’s social mobility speech update Oxbridge FSM entry data? Oddly DfE indicators now say no data ’til 2013

David Bell puts some distance between himself and agreed Government policy on contextualised HE admissions

Oh dear, that’s a big decline in Oxbridge success at Mossbourne! – The pressure’s on for 2013!

GiftedPhoenix: Is Clegg proposing a student premium in place of the National Scholarship scheme and HE Access Agreements or on top?

If he’s proposing a student premium alongside existing support that’s a recipe for confusion:

If he’s proposing a student premium in place of existing support, he admitting that support isn’t working:

The ideal way to increase mobility to competitive HE is via a holistic, funded programme targeting learners from Year 9

Is it a pious hope that greater transparency over HE quality will support fair access by diversifying choice? Probably

Pam Tatlow suggests Clegg’s student premium would be funded from existing institutional WP allocations:

New indicator shows gap between state and independent progression to selective HE; it masks stalling of FSM progression

I predict DPM rues the day he chose AAB grade A level gap as an indicator: (p35) Won’t Ofqual reforms tend to widen it?

Sideswipe at Gove by Clegg: contextual admissions ‘painted by some as a dangerous piece of revolutionary socialism’:

OFFA has opted diplomatically for faint praise, unsure whether BIS and DfE fully endorse yesterday’s Clegg speech:

The BIS letter to HEFCE and OFFA on establishing a joint strategy for widening access to HE:

OFFA and HEFCE identikit press notices on joint WP and fair access strategy: and

What’s Your Feedback on the Dux Awards Scheme?

Some scepticism about the Student Premium concept in absence of further detail: – use of FSM indicator will be an issue

Scots universities taken to task over poor record on fair access:

A bit more on Scots fair access:

Here is the NUS Scotland data on fair access to Scots universities:


Social Mobility

Collection of All Party Social Mobility Group resources:  Still think ‘stars to shine’ theme needs attention

Thoughtful Policy Exchange piece on the influence of home environment on social mobility:

Brighton College speech is oratorical tour de force, even includes the term gifted But not much progress to report yet

The new National Council for Careers: – that line-up promises a full and frank exchange of views!

Michael White writes well on social mobility but what’s his point? Laissez faire?

So Gove was Clegg’s warm-up man on social mobility: But nothing new here to counter Lampl’s open criticism

Another elephant in the social mobility room is that Universal Credit plus no NC levels eliminates our key indicators:

EHRC critical of Treasury for failing to assess equality implications of EMA withdrawal  Better never than quite so late

So Clegg to announce on Tuesday the publication of indicators referenced in Social Mobility Strategy (p77)

So much for the tracking system – the real issue for Clegg is whether the indicators are showing any improvement:

Curious how Clegg will present new National Curriculum as an instrument of social mobility given academy exemption:

How can social mobility through vocational routes be key to Miliband when they’re mostly shunned by the middle classes?

The Miliband speech on social mobility – – fairly vacuous really. Still no specifics

Direct link to the new set of 17 Social Mobility Trackers published today:

Direct link to today’s Update on Progress on the Social Mobility Strategy:

Very brief mention in Social Mobility Strategy update for prioritising FSM admissions (p 19)

No real attempt in Social Mobility Strategy update to position new National Curriculum as a driver (p20)

SocialMobility Strategy update suggests any HE Premium to replace National Scholarship Scheme: (p29)

DPM has published extracts of the Clegg social mobility speech today  – not sure why we don’t get full text

Social Mobility and Education Gaps in 4 Anglophone Countries: from Sutton Trust Social Mobility Summit:

Glad to see Sutton Trust will be publishing a Report on its rather exclusive Summit in due course:

Rarely do articles make me angry but this one did: Let’s not worry about the clever kids because they’re less important

This pushes the vituperation-ometer for Clegg’s social mobility drive to a new high: – Steady on old chap!

Policy Exchange on social mobility indicators: – not to mention no FSM to RG/Oxbridge measure and abandoning NC levels?

Helping poor clever kids out of deprivation isn’t a ‘new soft left alternative’; it’s long been embedded in socialism

More social mobility cynicism: is this anti-social mobility or just anti-Clegg?

Belated link to the Million+ /NUS Report ‘Never too Late to Learn’ on social mobility for mature students:

Don’t disagree with:  Tackling the excellence gap and fair access should be a ‘quick win’ but progress is scant

Postgraduate education and social mobility:

Clegg/Milburn embody the fault lines with Government social mobility strategy over impact of inequality

Milburn social mobility in professions report later today will castigate medical schools:

Direct link to Milburn report on fair access to the professions:

New Milburn report is evaluating progress against his former report to Labour. Is Coalition fully signed up to that?

Bridge Group welcomes Milburn Report on Fair Access to Professional Careers Press Release at

Milburn still wants national programme to support early aspiration for professional careers (p66)

Milburn is quite strongly critical of Coalition careers reforms:  (p67)

@tessa_stone takes Milburn to task for neglecting IAG as a conduit for social mobility in the professions:


Narrowing Achievement Gaps

Australia is investing in pre-school tutors to tackle disadvantage:

EEF is hiring a Grants Manager – £42K pa, deadline 15 June, more information here:

Not sure it’s entirely a triumph for Clegg that only two-thirds of secondaries have signed up for summer school money

Will 50x £10K bonuses light schools’ fires when a third failed to collect their share of £500m summer school funding?

OFSTED pressure and incentives for teachers to work in high-gap (but not high FSM) schools might support Pupil Premium:

Direct link to Clegg’s Pupil Premium speech which he is delivering now:

Clegg: asking STRB to extend beyond academies flexibility to pay teachers more for narrowing gaps using Pupil Premium:

Clegg ‘…this isn’t just about glitz and glamour,,,’ (referencing his £10K awards for schools):

Clegg anounces Pupil Premium awards arranged with TES for top 50 schools that have done most to narrow gaps:

Clegg floats idea of teachers undertaking Pupil Premium-related research with universities:

Clegg says EEF will invite school groups to bid for transition funding to support disadvantaged Year 7s:

OFSTED will be providing Clegg with regular (public?) reports on progress schools make in closing the gap

Why is there no reference in Clegg’s list of Pupil Premium measures to FSM admission reforms he trumpeted last year?

So nothing in Clegg’s Pupil Premium speech about prioritising FSM admissions or about improved FSM progress to Oxbridge

Clegg’s last education speech: Free schools must aim to have at least same proportion of FSM pupils as local average:

@xtophercook ‘s twin ‘graphs of doom’ inject a dose of cold statistical reality into gap-narrowing debate

The pupil premium needs a harder edge if it is to succeed. New blog post on Clegg’s speech today.

Looks like Clegg’s given Education Endowment Fund £10m of new money for Pupil Premium gap-narrowing transition projects

Anna Vignoles on Pupil Premium:  – Manages to be vaguely sceptical without nailing any colours to the mast

Hints already of disagreement between Clegg and Milburn over the ring-fencing of the Pupil Premium:

DfE has started a library of Pupil Premium evidence notes:  – Might have been idea to invite discussion around them

This Hallgarten Pupil Premium post begs the question why are SEN personal budgets tied to each learner; PP budgets not?

There’s no way DfE could prevent schools using the Pupil Premium for 11+ coaching, nor should they want to:

Centre for Social Justice urges guidance on effective use of pupil premium; free schools to prioritise FSM admissions:

Changes in the proportion of FSM pupils progressing to 6th form, 6FCs and FEIs – 2006-08 to 2010-11:  (Col WA33)

Unusually full and informative PQ reply about DfE guidance on use of the Pupil Premium: (Col 404W)

21.5% of FSM-eligible pupils  got 1+ A level at A*/A in 2010-11 against 35.3% non-FSM, so 13.8% gap  (Col 610W)

Direct link to today’s Centre for Social Justice Paper on Rethinking Child Poverty:

Baltic Swans courtesy of Gifted Phoenix


Very pleased you shared this fascinating report. Pleased to see it’s available online now too:

Continuing the litany of Mail articles pushing for return of grammar schools: -That’s a dead horse you’re flogging mate

It’s the turn of Nadine Dorries to give the dead grammar school horse a jolly good thrashing:

LOTS more words from Peter Hitchens He’s in denial but the Grammar School horse will no more feel the flick of the whip

Come on Cleggy! Grammar schools could be engines of social mobility if only they were made to prioritise FSM admissions

A pro-selection leader in the Independent: Reforming the selection process of existing GS is the top priority

Grammar schools and social mobility – a Northern Ireland contribution to the debate:

Just caught up with @xtophercook on grammar schools:

Would new grammar schools be acceptable if there were entry (and exit?) points at 13, 15 and 16?

A couple of blog posts re learning from grammar provision



How the benefits of forced academisation could have been tested empirically: – The EEF is ready to take it on?

Mike Baker hopes that the era of Academy evangelism may soon be over:

Interesting (though brief) exchange on inclusion of supportive quotes from academies in DfE press releases: (Col 311W)

Direct link to the new Browne Jacobson Survey of Academies:  – compare and contrast with the Schools Network version

Could the Downhills Interim Executive Board have done anything to avert the strike?

This exemplifies why both SEN admissions to academies and dual exceptionality are issues requiring attention:

The Brum strike over forced academisation has been called off because the Council’s changed hands:

GiftedPhoenix: The EFA’s Procedure for Dealing with Complaints About Academies:

The Steiner School Movement – an alternative approach with powerful friends:

UTC’s Press Notice giving the full state of play on the ones approved, open and opening:

ICO  decision notice on Durand Academy FoI case:  (FERO413288) – requires partial release

SSAT enters new era with a management buy-out:

More background on the phoenix-like rebirth of SSAT:  A move from those swanky Millbank offices must be on the cards

TES adds detail on SSAT buyout: – downsizing to 70 staff, £10m budget; moving out of Millbank offices costing £1.4m pa

UTCs probably not scalable in the currently crowded schools market, especially given their cost:

Coventry LA applying for judicial review over enforced academisation of one of its schools:


Free Schools

More on New Orleans charter schools:

Yorkshire Post updates on faith and creationist free schools in the Y+H region:

So Seckford decides it can manage without a headteacher in Saxmundham FS after appointee withdraws

Revealed: Stour Valley Free School gets £1.4 Million funding for pupils it doesn’t have


Independent Schools

Govian sleight of hand in pretending independent schools are confirmation of the weakness of state provision

Lampl still pushing open access; doesn’t he need to focus on quality of teachING rather than quality of teachERS?

Crazy Lord Lucas piece on Sutton Trust Open Access idea  When did Gove signal support? Where would Labour find the cash?


Curriculum and Pedagogy

Hanushek argues the Common core is a distraction because states with strong standards tend not to get strong results:

Guardian article about Sheffield’s Music Hub:

Wise words from the US on why we should steer between the Scylla and Charybdis of curricular prescription and autonomy:

DfE plans shortly to publish an overview of research on writing:  (Col WA67)

Anyone found this Labour policy review document on speaking skills?  – Can’t find it here:

Here’s that Labour policy document on Speaking Skills  Thin, with horrible colour clash but it mentions gifted

Points to 12 June or thereabouts? A 12-week consultation with 6 over holidays is already stretching the code

OFSTED Maths Report Highlights Underachievement of Gifted Learners

Britain’s maths shame – Mail version of yesterday’s Telegraph ‘fail’ story:

‘Bright children failed by poor maths lessons’ is Telegraph take on the Ofsted maths report:


Assessment and Qualifications

China’s blocking publication of national PISA scores; Schleicher gives an over-simplified explanation of Asian success:

Schleicher moves his PISA roadshow on to Scotland: When will politicians begin managing our expectations re PISA 2012?

Ofqual’s Annual Qualifications Market Report 2012: exam fees cost £328.3m in 2010/11, up 8.5% on 2009/10:

The Mail switches its sights on to school marking policies:  – It was only a matter of time

Comment on that Daily Mail article about school’s not correcting spellings. Riddled with errors.

Ofqual international comparisons study: – Not sure how this will secure ‘international comparability of…standards’?

Key dates and resources for KS2 Level 6 tests:

New info on Key Stage 2 level 6 mathematics test

Seems odd that a KS2 pupil must be L6 in reading + writing to be L6 overall when that’s not true of L5?

What’s Your Feedback on Key Stage 2 Level 6 Tests?

‘The Department for Education is withdrawing from involvement in A levels’:  Not sure that’s viable in the longer term

Direct link to the Edexcel Report: Leading on Standards: Our Next Steps:

Pearson proposes an Independent Review of Educational Ambition:  which should address able pupils’ progression

Here’s the Ofqual Corporate Plan: implying fewer GCSEs as well as possibly fewer grades. Lacks a proper timeline

Interesting ref in Ofqual’s plan to international comparative studies of end KS2 assessment in light of NC review (p18)

Given that we’re discussing GCSE reform, let’s throw back into the mix the Integrated Programme a la Singapore

There’s long been an expectation in parts of HE that A levels should all be taken together It needs addressing

Telegraph scare story is really about the proportion of students awarded different grades in different jurisdictions:

This PISA-based Test for Schools blurb says UK trials were planned  Still curious to know why they didn’t happen

Ahead of a CBI Education Inquiry, Cridland endorses GCSE-free options (like Singapore’s Integrated Programme perhaps?):

Spot the contradiction in Cridland’s para beginning ‘This is about raising aspiration and ambition for all…’

Foi Response providing the number and percentage of students achieving ABB+ at A level by school:

Now why would 5 separate bodies refuse to comment on why the Kingsdale Foundation investigation has taken so long?



The mobile phones issue is secondary – what really matters is how confrontational Wilshaw appears in today’s keynote:

Wonder if Ofsted will publish this latest Wilshaw speech…  – No, probably not

Agree with National Grammar Schools Association that a 5 A*/A GCSE measure should be applied universally:

PM’s letter says from June 2012 but I can’t find any more specificity on DfE site:

Many Hands make light work (can you see what I did there?):  – HMC close to presenting themselves as part of the problem

A big thank you to OFSTED for publishing their consultation responses alongside the press coverage rather than after it

OFSTED to publish revised key judgement indicators in June: how will new emphasis on progress work without NC levels?


Teachers and Teacher Education

Creating a Comprehensive System for Evaluating and Supporting Effective Teaching – Darling-Hammond et al:

Why assessing teachers’ performance on the basis of pupils’ performance may be bad news for high attainers:

Direct link to the new PISA paper ‘Does Performance-Based Pay Improve Teaching?’

The idea of cutting heads’ pay if they choose to ‘export’ a poor teacher to another school is simply unworkable:

Bashing the best ever teacher force runs counter to the fine principle of intervention in inverse proportion to success

Report of the launch of the Teacher Development Trust:

A robust but reasoned critique of the recent Select Committee report on teachers:

DfE’s STRB evidence is a bit unbalanced: it barely mentions the problem of isolating individual teacher performance:

Annual funding for the Graduate Teacher Programme since 2007-08: (Col 212W)

Ratio of acceptances to applications for servicepersons applying to teacher training (Col 213W) Better screening needed?

Is there an offset between class size and teacher quality?  – Neglects some other important variables

DfE is seeking EoIs from those capable of providing non-cognitive assessment tools for entry to initial training:

NASUWT/NUT Joint Declaration of Intent: – Maybe not mission critical but another straw added to the camel’s back



We should keep an eye on this combination of vouchers and charter schools in Louisiana: – it will surface here soon

Kelvin Mackenzie is advocating vouchers: – he won’t be the last

I’m wondering what the budget is for SEN Personal Budgets? – Is it really uncapped?

LSE Commentary on 2011 study ‘Does Additional Funding Help Urban Schools?’:

Central Government

DfE sets out the key provisions of the Children and Families Bill announced in the Queen’s Speech:

DfE’s latest quarterly data summary against May 2011 Business Plan: Guess we should see May 2012 Business Plan shortly

Education-heavy Liz Truss profile: – fuels the reshuffle speculation

The new colour-coded Whitehall, in which DfE is orange: – half way between red and yellow?

Conclusions and recommendations from Public Accounts Committee on DfE: Confused responsibility for vfm in mixed economy

Labour’s education policy review follows Government in examining practice in the ‘highest performing jurisdictions’:

David Bell today: HE needs a united voice Yesterday: Contextualised admissions are wrong. HE to DfE in Reshuffle? Sure

Looks like an interesting Education Select Committee session on 13 June on Administration of the DfE:

Seems like Lord Adonis has decided he isn’t that keen on the Coalition’s education reforms after all:

DfE records around 100 off-payroll contracts, many being academies educational advisers:

OFSTED’s return on off-payroll contracts isn’t quite so extensive:

To complete the set, Ofqual’s also been quite handy with off-payroll arrangements:

@Andrew_Adonis: Significant intervention: There’s a state of warfare between Number 10 and Whitehall via @Andy_Buck

UK policymaking outsourced: the curious case of adoption reform:

New Department for Education Business Plan

Version of new business plan on DfE site seems slightly different: (but no clues on timing of NC review consultation)

Adrian Smith on the way out of BIS:


Other Research, Reviews and Reports

American Principles Project paper argues that the Common Core is a waste of time: – Nonsense dressed up as research

The McGettigan study for the Intergenerational Foundation: False Accounting: Why the HE Reforms Don’t Add Up:

The Centre for Social Justice report card on Government policy – gives education reforms 7 out of 10: (p6-7)

Australia is investing Aus $54m in this Report’s recommendations for strengthening the STEM pipeline: (NB for 16-19 FS)

Direct link: Non-native Speakers of English in the Classroom: What are the Effects on Pupil Performance? –

Link (not currently working) to PAC report on Free Entitlement to Education for 3 and 4 Year-olds:

The Center for Public Education: Searching for the Reality of Virtual Schools:

This looks like a useful compendium of research and practice in improving student motivation:

Mitt Romney’s Education Policy – – quite vouchery…

US National Center for Education Statistics: The Condition of Education 2012:  – all the latest indicators


Online and Social Media

A truly excellent and comprehensive guide to running a Twitter chat:

The Access for All model of Open Access Publishing is preferable to the Article Processing Cost model:

Kerslake:  Civil service must ’embrace social media…engaging with staff and public at all stages in policy process’:

Twitter looking to work closer in the UK public sector via @BBCNews



Yong Zhao: How America Can Out-Educate China:  – Fun

Sir Ken Robinson’s post on passion: – he’s on the money with the ‘hint of castanets’

These Universitas 21 rankings of HE by country are salutary: – UK falls down on ‘resources’, just below Iran!

A reminder that, despite OECD evidence, Chinese education isn’t as equitable as we might imagine:

Have you heard the one about the Secretary of State, the Catholic priest and the Torygraph tweeter?

I can’t find anything else to say about this bible business that others won’t say better:

I see that DfE’s web editors have pulled out all the stops for the King James Bible (vanity?) project:

I presume the ITT for the National Citizen’s Service 2013 will appear here later:

The evaluation arrangements for parenting vouchers will show whether or not this is back-of-envelope policy making:

Lords oral PQ on teaching parenting skills in schools: (Col 531)

Is Gerard Kelly auditioning as Wilshaw’s press minder? Or is he cross because he can’t get TES to bed until brunchtime?

MIT economists have launched a School Effectiveness and Inequality Initiative (SEII) –

Heath Monk begs the big question whether the practice of outstanding schools is substantively transferable

DfE: Press notices on the changes to SEN support for 2014

Are special needs reforms being rushed so they’re in place before the Election?  – Beware the powerful Lords SEN Lobby!

Another senior OFSTED person pictured leaning against a wall, feigning insouciance: – only men seem to do this?

Is your school on the priority school building approvals list published today?

Tom Watson is upping the ante on Sandwell BSF FoIs:

New Labour ‘Partnership Into Power’ consultation document on education and skills:

I have no comment on the great Bible giveaway except, indirectly, by referring you here:

Why Singapore education is successful (and why we shouldn’t import their solutions):

Interesting Gibb speech to Voice: -‘Autonomy’ and ‘freedom’ predominate; ‘support’ is reserved for learners’ behaviour

FoI response in which DfE admits that it doesn’t know the cost of making a SEN statement: – Rather surprised by that

Progress report on US Education Department’s Place-Based Strategy (policy alignment a la Harlem Children’s Zone):



June 2012


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