Gifted Education News Round-Up: 21 November to 14 December 2011

Here is a selection of stories about gifted education and related issues from the @GiftedPhoenix Twitter feed over the last few weeks.

Follow @GiftedPhoenix for global gifted education news (under the hashtag #gifted) and for news of particular interest to GT Voice members (under the hashtag #gtvoice)

  • ‘Most Reported Genetic Associations with General Intelligence are Probably False Positives’ – Chabris et al –
  • Congratulations to St John Fisher School Harrogate for launching a Gifted and Talented Partner Primary Scheme
  • OFSTED says gifted learners lose out from weak assessment in ‘stubbornly satisfactory’ schools –
  • Latest entry in my Directory of Gifted Education Centres, on the College of William and Mary –
  • Nine stubborn brain myths debunked – – don’t bother playing Mozart to babies!
  • Profile of Tony Sewell, Generating Genius and early thinking re his Johnson-sponsored review of London schools
  • Pupil Premium increases by only £112 to £600: Thought it would be nearer £700 but could be uprated again later in FY
  • Development of a National Talentcenter in Denmark – – An important potential partner for GT Voice
  • Government breaks consultation promise to allow objections to expansion of (grammar) schools:
  • A Kiwi Principal puts the boot into a reductionist Government approach and neglect of #gifted learners –
  • Black scholars target the achievement gap – – article on the work of Joy Lawson Davis
  • Asia-Pacific Journal of Gifted and Talented Education 2011 volume 3 edition 1:
  • I aim to be the Heineken of gifted education (reaching the parts others don’t reach) so here’s a report from Dagestan!
  • It’s a sad and worrying indictment that our new national Innovation Strategy contains zilch about education in schools:
  • If there’s an ‘AAB arms race’ in merit based scholarships – will it help gifted disadvantaged students?
  • Association of South East Colleges will be discussing gifted and talented provision in post-16 institutions
  • The Perse offers gifted education expertise to the state sector – – independent schools can join the GT Voice network
  • HEFCE has commissioned an independent evaluation of the National Scholarship Programme – (Col 166W)
  • NAGC survey 90% of parents say child’s school gives insufficient info about gifted.
  • The rise and rise of flexischooling – – Is this the future default model for UK gifted education?
  • Offa releases revised access agreement detail (full list of institutions involved)
  • Manchester Grammar wants to open a free school to improve social mobility in east Manchester –
  • This curious statement from US NAGC – – seems basically to say that NAGC does not endorse its President’s views
  • Bad news that the gifted indicator has been dropped from the 2012 Primary and Secondary school censuses –
  • Analysis of whether bursaries improve fair access: – answer, quite possibly not
  • Kuwait’s newly-established Sabah Al-Ahmed Center for Giftedness and Creative [sic] (SACGC) –
  • Capital investment on new selective 16-19 maths free schools confirmed, but no commitment to 12+ (P36)
  • The Israel Arts and Sciences Academy and other Israeli boarding schools for gifted learners –
  • Warwick appoints a non-specialist to head its International Gateway for Gifted Youth (IGGY) –
  • Both Next Gen and the Government response – – underplay strategies to increase the flow of IT high attainers
  • Here’s a summary of the Sutton Trust report on comparative education inequalities –
  • New post at GPS: ‘NAGC ‘s Bold Step & What it Means for Your Gifted Child’
  • A muddled piece from the Telegraph on grammar schools – – can’t find the NGSA survey it quotes
  • A brief report on Kenya’s first National Youth Talent Development Conference –
  • The Politics of Personalisation in the 21st Century: Interesting perspective from Alberta on an idea now neglected here
  • This U Conn appointment of Sally Reis to a chair endowed by her uncle and aunt – – it couldn’t happen here!
  • This blog might we worth monitoring if you have an interest in Saudi gifted education –
  • Interesting observations re impact on social mobility of interaction between heritability and meritocracy:
  • Why can’t the nature and nurture advocates in gifted education work towards consensus instead of fighting? Stupid.


December 2011


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