Gifted Education News from the Gifted Phoenix Twitter Feed, 20/10/11-20/11-11

I am experimenting with monthly posts that offer highlights of the gifted education news supplied through the Gifted Phoenix Twitter feed.

I plan to provide this service for GT Voice’s new monthly newsletters, so it seems appropriate to post it here too.

Do let me know whether or not you find this helpful – and remember:

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  • BOA Chair Moynihan attacks government for reneging on Olympic legacy commitments including talent support:
  • End of this Indy piece says national music plan delayed by dispute over ringfencing and support for gifted:
  • Direct link to IFS Briefing Paper on impact of month of birth on children’s cognitive/non-cognitive skills:
  • Papers on early childhood gifted education from the Central Eastern European Forum –
  • US NAGC policy moves in the right direction – – but they really need to drop all fixed percentages
  • Margaret Sutherland and Valsa Koshy to speak at ECHA Conference in September 2012
  • The Higher summarises the BIS Committee’s scathing criticism of the Government’s HE reform process-
  • Finally on Early Entry to GCSE – Isn’t it worrying that < 60% of those with L5 maths at KS2 manage A*/A in Yr10 or 11?
  • The Government will underwrite costs of Ed Psych training – – but will they be better able to support gifted learners?
  • This Cameron narrative seems as much about coasting pupils , often highish achievers as about coasting schools
  • Mayor Boris launches an inquiry into London Schools – Tony Sewell (Generating Genius) is scoping it
  • Overall the BIS Select Committee Report is an excellent critique of rushed and piecemeal HE policy –
  • London Academy of Excellence starts marketing its wares. One Newham socialist gifted pupil is unimpressed!
  • NAHT recognises the value to gifted learners of primary specialist teachers: but is otherwise ‘not enamoured’
  • Fascinating Trinity Laban Interdisciplinary Longitudinal Study into Dance Talent Development –
  • Huge Saudi gifted conference mysteriously ‘postponed until further notice due to circumstances beyond our control’:
  • Mail predicts Admissions Code revision will lead to 50% increase in grammar school places by 2018: No source/basis?
  • The Finnish Parliament’s Committee for the Future says the country should fast-track gifted learners –
  • DfE publishes the setting case studies it promised – – a case of never mind the width, feel the quality?
  • Lord Hill concedes face to face careers guidance for disadvantaged (in receipt of Pupil Premium perhaps?) – (Col 582)
  • First impression of the first draft of those ‘master teacher standards’ – – rather too prosy and imprecise…
  • 80% of KS2 L5 made 3 levels of progress in Eng, 79% in Ma: (Tab.1d) – but only 12.5% Eng and 17.8% Ma made A*
  • The Mail serves up a dog’s breakfast of confusion between IQ, ability, achievement, selection and gifted –
  • Evidence of significant variability in teenagers’ IQ scores – as many as 21 points over 3-4 years:
  • Does SEN Information Act 2011 Analysis say that twice-exceptional learners don’t officially exist? (p4)?
  • Electric Word (parent of Optimus education) issues profit warning as education sales slump


November 2011


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